Worried about the dentist? Dental phobia treatments at Kings Dental Clinic

Fear of the dentist is extremely common.

If you have had an unpleasant dental experience at any time in your life, it is understandable that you may be apprehensive about seeing the dentist, even if you are in pain.

Dental Phobia in HammersmithUnfortunately, even the most diligent tooth cleaners may fall foul of a dental issue that requires treatment at some point in their life and this is when dental phobias in Hammersmith can create a problem. Not attending dental check-ups can lead to preventable issues like cavities, plaque accumulation and tooth decay. Among other things, if you are phobic of the dentist but find yourself losing a filling or developing an abscess, dental phobias can be quite dangerous and cause a great deal of pain.

What can I do?

When you have a dental phobia in Hammersmith, you are probably aware of the implications of not visiting the dentist and want to resolve the issue. After all, modern day dentistry offers amazing results in the field of cosmetic work such as whitening and dental implants.

You could try and seek out a sympathetic dentist, but this may be time consuming and if you are already in pain, you may not want to spend weeks hunting down a compassionate dentist.

How we can help

At Kings Dental Clinic, we understand how nerve racking it can be to visit the dentist when you have a phobia. All our staff are specially trained to make even the most nervous patients feel at ease and can provide you with a genuinely pleasant dental visit.

However, it is more than just making you feel comfortable. Our staff can help you rebuild your confidence when you come in for a dental visit, helping you to overcome your phobia and regain control.

Non judgemental

A common belief among those with a dental phobia is that when they go to the dentist, they will be lectured on the condition of their teeth. Talk about off-putting!

Our staff at Kings Dental Clinic understand that if you haven’t visited a dentist in 10 years for example, it is unlikely your teeth are going to be in tip top condition. We also know that you will probably be feeling upset and vulnerable when you visit us, so we promise you a non-judgmental approach when you come in for your first check-up.

You are in control

Phobias often stem from feeling a lack of control in a certain situation; you experienced something unpleasant in the past that you could not rectify and now, you are fearful of that situation.

When you come to us for your dental treatment, you are in full control. We will take as much time as you need, advise you and tell you exactly what we are doing. If you only want us to look at your teeth on the first visit, then that is all we will do.

If you have a dental phobia in Hammersmith and want to overcome it, please contact us now.