Prosthodontics and the advantages of dental implants

When you are an adult with missing teeth or a missing tooth, it can have a dramatic impact on how you carry yourself and how you feel in your day-to-day life. Especially if the missing tooth is located near the front of the mouth.

In the past, the only options available for replacing missing teeth included a fitted bridge, a denture or a partial denture. But thanks to advances in dental treatments, many surgeries are now able to offer dental implants to patients with missing teeth

And our surgery is no exception!

At Kings Dental Clinic, we are proud of the prosthodontics Hammersmith that we can offer to our patients, including dental implants and implant-supported bridges and dentures. Affixed to the jaw, implants ensure that your new teeth will not move and will feel just like the real thing.

Want to know more about the advantages of having dental implants or prosthodontics Hammersmith?  Read on!


As we mentioned before, a key advantage of having prosthodontics Hammersmith (specifically dental implants) or a prosthesis supported by dental implants is that it will feel just like your real teeth. This is because the implants are fitted via surgery and require osseointegration to occur, which fuses them to the jawbone. And so, anything that is attached to this implant will not or should not move.

Easy to care for

Many patients who have had a detachable bridge or set of dentures have found them easy to care for, but it is a bit removed from what is involved in caring for natural teeth.

With oral implants, all that is required is that you brush the prosthetic teeth twice a day, floss between them and attend check-ups with our team to ensure that there are no signs of gum disease or other issues which could cause the premature loss of the implant.


It may sound odd to state that dental implants are affordable, but when compared to the costs associated with missing teeth, such as excessive fillings, crowns or even orthodontic work, dental implants are indeed more affordable.

And at our clinic, we are happy to be able to offer our patients 0% financing options to help you spread the cost of oral implant fittings over several months, so they will not take a toll on your finances.

Natural looking

If you are looking to fill a single gap in your teeth, you may be concerned that the prosthetic that will be attached to the implant will stick out like a sore thumb.

However, our team can match your surrounding natural teeth in colour, shade and translucency of the enamel, so any prosthetic that is fitted will not look unnatural and will blend in seamlessly. If you are having an entire set of dentures fitted using implants and want a gleaming Hollywood smile, we can do that too.

Long lasting

With correct aftercare, oral implants can last up to and over 15 years and, as mentioned before,  this aftercare is not extensive and simply requires you to brush your implant as you would your normal teeth and attend biannual check-ups with our team. Perfect!

Prosthodontics in Hammersmith as a solution to get your teeth back in shape

Everyone goes through difficult times. Different health issues that arise on a constant or daily basis can cause immense discomfort and disorientation in terms of wellness and wellbeing. Bad habits that become unbreakable and cause discomfort, pain and distress can lead to long time problems.This can seriously affect an individual’s lifestyle. Oral hygiene plays a key role in ensuring the overall well being of a person. It is an important aspect that is worth looking into if you wish to remain a healthy individual in the long run. Aches and pains have a negative impact on how someone goes about their everyday life. It can be crippling to have to deal with traumatic pain, as it makes one feel less capable than one actually is. Toothache can turn into a serious issue when it becomes difficult to bear. The constant discomfort that arises due to toothache will undoubtedly make a person less productive than they actually are. Prosthodontics in Hammersmith can help you acquire better dental health and a comfortable and healthy life..


What are some incidents that can cause chronic toothache?

There are many reasons that can result in chronic and prolonged toothache. These might arise due to jaw injuries, old age, and the failure to maintain proper oral hygiene in the long run. These can lead to broken teeth, bleeding gums, toothache, cavities and severe dental problems. Accidents that occur that are unforeseen can break or damage teeth. Then there is old age, when people who’ve been ignoring their oral hygiene for a while begin to lose their teeth due the failure to take care of their oral hygiene throughout a prolonged period of time.

What are some dental procedures that will help with tooth damage and toothache?

In extreme cases, a tooth or set of teeth might need to be restored or replaced. As your smile is a part of your identity, the loss of a tooth,holes in your teeth, or the discoloration can not only cause physical pain but it can cause psychological trauma as well. This can be minimised or controlled through dental procedures. Prosthodontics in Hammersmith is where severely damaged teeth are restored and replaced. Prosthodontists have additional training and knowledge in dentistry that makes them capable of dealing with complicated issues related to oral hygiene.

How can this procedure help?

Prosthodontics in Hammersmith is a highly sophisticated and intricate procedure that will help minimise and alleviate physical pain and discomfort. This will make a patient feel at ease and restore their oral health to the best possible healthy state. The ease and relief someone feels in terms of dental discomfort will help them to proceed smoothly with their everyday life. The new look offered by this treatment is priceless as it helps put things back in proper shape and give the patient confidence and a sense of wellbeing in terms of dental health and appearance. Everyone deserves a chance to have good dental health. This treatment offers this chance to everyone who wishes to take it. It is a chance worth taking for anyone who is interested in acquiring better dental health and a better smile. Every little bit counts when it comes to investing towards better dental health and hygiene.

Crafting smiles with prosthodontics in Hammersmith

Sculpting your smile


Prosthodontics is one of the thirteen recognised disciplines of dentistry, and is one which focuses primarily on restoring natural teeth or replacing them with prosthetic life-like alternatives. It is a specialist form of restorative dentistry which is one of the most complex and uniquely patient-tailored services we provide here at Kings Dental. Those who seek out prosthodontics in Hammersmith often do so as they lack any natural teeth and require full mouth rehabilitation. This is one of the most technically challenging procedures we provide, but also one of the most rewarding, as we restore the power to chew, speak and smile to those who have sometimes gone without these functions naturally for some time – which is a truly rewarding experience.

Moulded to your needs

As you can imagine, given the nature of the discipline, those who seek out prosthodontics in Hammersmith often receive an entirely unique and tailored service. Those seeking out a full mouth rehabilitation may require all number of treatments such as crowns, bridges, dental implants or dentures. Each restoration is entirely unique and specific to the needs of the individual patient, as no two sets of teeth are the same, no two sets of prosthodontics in Hammersmith are identical. As we are a polyclinic here at Kings Dental, it is possible for our patients to be treated by a number of different experts across all fields of dentistry, without having to move outside the one practice.

Building your dreams

A full mouth rehabilitation to replace missing teeth and restore natural ones may include treatments such as veneers, inlays, white (composite) fillings, dental implants, onlays and bridges. It may also involve treatments around the shape of a patient’s gums, such as gum contouring or soft-tissue or bone grafting. As you may imagine, full mouth rehabilitation treatments are never a swift process and can often take months, if not years, for every procedure to be completed. However, the effects of a full mouth rehabilitation are often massively positive in restoring both a patient’s ability to speak and chew normally, as well as their self-esteem and confidence.

Filling in the gaps

Dental implants are generally a procedure which is opted for in cases of full mouth rehabilitation. These are a permanent solution to missing teeth which replaces them in a way which looks and feels similar to natural teeth. Implants are very sturdy as they are fused to the patient’s jawbone, whereas similar treatments such as crowns or bridges are not. The process of receiving dental implants from us would initially consist of a hole being made within your jaw in the space where the missing tooth ought to be. Then a titanium-alloy socket would be inserted and given time to heal. Titanium-alloy is used for its unique ability to fuse itself within bone tissue, which is precisely what happens over the brief healing period that follows. Once the socket has become firmly embedded within the patient’s jawbone, a replica tooth is then fixed into the socket and the gap is bridged. Implants generally give patients a longer-lasting and more natural feeling smile which will endure for years.

When your mouth is in a mess

How did your mouth get in a mess? Was it gum disease? Maybe tooth decay? Perhaps you lost or damaged teeth in an accident? Or maybe you are just getting on a bit and your teeth are wearing out.

Prosthodontics in HammersmithWhatever the reason, when your mouth is in a mess, it affects your life in many ways. It’s not just that you can’t bite or chew your food properly anymore. It’s also because you are too embarrassed to smile and laugh and now people think you are cold and unfriendly because you don’t smile. That’s mealtimes and socialising that are depressing. Maybe your mouth is also affecting your work life, and your love life. It’s not a good way to be, especially when there are so many great ways that we at Kings Dental Clinic in Hammersmith can restore your mouth to its former fabulousness.

We have an array of techniques and materials which we can use to fill in your gaps and repair or disguise damaged teeth.

Why not come in for a consultation and let us take a look at what’s going on inside your mouth. Then we can make suggestions of what can be done, using a variety of methods to suit your budget.

Dental implants

These are the most effective way to replace lost teeth. They seem expensive, but one implant can support up to 3 teeth on a bridge and they can last for decades, so, over time, dental implants can even work out cheaper.


Full dentures replace all the teeth on one arch. Partial dentures replace a few. Modern dentures are much more realistic and effective than before. We can even stabilise them with dental implants.

Veneers and composite bonding

These are 2 methods that we use to cover over damage on otherwise healthy teeth. Chips, cracks, intrinsic discolouration, worn edges, even gaps and slight twists can all be made to disappear using either veneers or composite bonding.


A cover for teeth that need support and strength above the gumline, but are strong and healthy below it, where the root is still 100%.

Let us put together a treatment plan for you, and together we can make your mouth great again.

Prosthodontics: the science and art of replacing missing teeth

Even the loss of one tooth affects your other teeth, your jaw, and even your overall health eventually. Firstly, its corresponding tooth on the opposing jaw no longer has anything to bite against. Secondly, it can destabilise your other teeth, which can start to drift, tip into the gap and maybe even fall out.

At Kings Dental in Hammersmith, we have seen what can result from one lost tooth, and we always recommend getting a replacement for your missing tooth.

Prosthodontics in Hammersmith

Prosthodontics in HammersmithDentistry has long been concerned with replacing missing teeth. Prosthodontics is the name of the branch of dentistry that focuses on artificial replacements for missing teeth. There are several kinds to choose from these days, thanks to advances in dental research. You can choose between a fixed or removable replacement for the crown, or a replacement for both root and crown.

The fixed bridge

There are several kinds of bridges. The traditional bridges involve creating a crown for the tooth or implant on either side of the missing tooth, with a pontic (replacement tooth) in between. The most common type of bridge is made of either porcelain fused to metal or ceramics. We use cantilever bridges if you only have teeth on one side of the gap. Maryland bonded bridges (also called a resin-bonded bridge or a Maryland bridge) are made of plastic teeth and gums supported by a metal framework. Metal wings on each side of the bridge are bonded to your existing teeth. Bridges can last 5 — 15 years, depending on how well you take care of them.


Dentures (or false teeth) are removable replacements for missing teeth. They tend to be made of either acrylic or porcelain for the crowns. They rely on suction to the gums for support for chewing. Complete dentures are used to replace all the teeth, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain.

Dental implants

Dental implants are inserted into the jaw. They are titanium posts or screws onto which we attach single or several teeth. They can replace dentures, or be used to stabilise dentures. They are not available on the NHS. When looked after, they can last a lifetime.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about prosthodontics but were afraid to ask

What is prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry that focusses on the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and maintenance of the mouth function. It is also used to improve the comfort, appearance, and health of patients with conditions associated with missing or failing teeth.

prosthodontics-in-hammersmithWhat is a prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a dentist who has completed dental school plus three additional years of advanced training. They specialise in treating and handling dental and facial problems that involve restoring missing tooth and jaw structures.

Prosthodontic treatments

Prosthodontic treatments are designed to create a balance between function, longevity and aesthetics. Prosthodontic treatments at Kings Dental Clinic include dental implants, dental veneers and other bonded restorations, dental crowns and dental bridges.

As well as these, prosthodontics treatments can also include removable complete dentures. Complete dentures help people who have lost all their teeth due to trauma or poor oral hygiene, giving them better chewing abilities in addition to a more appealing appearance.

In addition to these, the prosthodontist is also able to provide treatments for jaw problems, snoring disorders, sleep apnea problems and a degree of reconstruction surgery following treatments for oral cancer.

Full mouth rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation treatment improves the appearance of the teeth and has several less obvious benefits. Full mouth rehabilitation is one of the most comprehensive forms of dental treatment that is currently available.

The process combines all dental specialties to individually reconstruct all the damaged teeth in the mouth. This helps to correct a variety of complaints, such as improper bite position and chipped, worn down or broken teeth.

Full mouth rehabilitation is widely considered to be preferable to offering patients removable dental restorations such as dentures.

Anyone considering a full mouth rehabilitation should first consult with an experienced dentist, such as those at Kings Dental Clinic in Hammersmith, who will perform a comprehensive examination to see if the treatment is the best course of action.

The dentist will also consider aesthetics, including the colour, shape, size and proportion of the teeth and consider whether there is a stable bite when deciding if a patient is suitable for full mouth rehabilitation.

The decision on which procedures are required during each full mouth rehabilitation ultimately lies with the dentist and any specialists working with them on behalf of the patient.