Hammersmith’s Legacy in Restorative Dentistry: Focus on Dental Crowns

In the heart of Hammersmith, a remarkable legacy in restorative dentistry has been fostered, with a dedicated focus on dental crowns. The bustling London borough, renowned for its rich history and cultural depth, is also an epicentre for advanced dental practices. This legacy began with timeless commitment to patient care and the ongoing adoption of technological advancements. These factors have allowed dental practices in Hammersmith to perfect the art of dental crowns, a restorative treatment that has transformed thousands of smiles. At the forefront of this legacy stands Kings Dental Clinic, a practice that embodies Hammersmith’s commitment to excellent dental care. As experts in dental crowns Hammersmith, we are proud to continue this tradition, providing tailored, superior quality treatments to our valued patients. Our focus remains on improving oral health whilst restoring the natural beauty of every smile.

The Rich History of Dental Care in Hammersmith


Hammersmith has long been a hub for innovation and excellence in dental care. The rich tapestry of dental history here is woven with breakthroughs in techniques, technology, and patient care. Over the years, dental practices in Hammersmith have continually set the standard for modern dentistry, championing new methods to enhance patient comfort and results. Among these advancements, the development and refinement of dental crowns stand out as a significant contribution. Dental crowns, expertly crafted and fitted, have restored the smiles and confidence of countless individuals. It’s a legacy we’re honoured to continue at Kings Dental Clinic, maintaining Hammersmith’s status as a leading player in restorative dentistry.

Introducing Kings Dental Clinic

An integral part of Hammersmith’s dental legacy, Kings Dental Clinic, is a restorative dentistry specialist with a particular focus on dental crowns. As a trusted provider of dental crowns Hammersmith, we are proud to uphold the tradition of dental excellence, offering unmatched patient care and innovative treatments. Our team of highly skilled dentists and dental professionals utilise state-of-the-art technology, coupled with the latest techniques, to deliver personalised care tailored to each patient’s unique needs. We believe in fostering a warm, welcoming atmosphere to ensure a comfortable, stress-free experience for our patients. With a commitment to continual learning and upgrading our practices, we are dedicated to maintaining the sterling reputation of dental care that Hammersmith is known for.

Our Expertise in Dental Crowns

At Kings Dental Clinic, our expertise in dental crowns is second to none. Each crown we fit is meticulously crafted to mimic the natural tooth in both form and function. This meticulous approach allows us to restore not just the aesthetics of our patient’s smile, but also their ability to eat and speak with ease. Our team of skilled professionals uses the latest technology to ensure that each crown is a perfect fit, enhancing comfort and longevity. We are not just dentists; we are artisans dedicated to crafting the perfect smile for each individual. With our focus on dental crowns, we continue to uphold Hammersmith’s proud legacy in restorative dentistry.

Why Choose Dental Crowns Hammersmith at Kings Dental Clinic

Choosing Kings Dental Clinic for your dental crowns Hammersmith ensures a top-quality, patient-focused experience. Our dedicated team combines expert knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to deliver crowns that perfectly match your natural teeth. Unlike other practices, we offer a personalised approach, fully understanding your needs before crafting your bespoke crown. Our commitment to exceptional patient care and continual technology upgrades sets us apart as Hammersmith’s prime dental practice. We honour the legacy of restorative dentistry in Hammersmith by providing crowns that restore not just your smile, but also your confidence and comfort. Trust Kings Dental Clinic to transform your dental experience, keeping Hammersmith’s dental legacy alive.

Improving the look of your teeth with dental crowns

If you ever look in a mirror and find that the appearance of your teeth is not to your liking, then you may start to wish there was a way you could change the aesthetics of your smile. It is very common for people to find they are not completely happy with the image that their teeth project, many people also start to believe that their teeth may be having a negative effect on the way they look to others.

If you have broken, cracked, or chipped teeth then you may feel that these features are more prominent when you look at your smile than any healthy teeth you may have, you may also feel this when looking at discoloured teeth or fillings. This may lead you to the conclusion that you need some treatment in order to repair any tooth damage and make all your teeth look pleasing and white.

The truth is your teeth are exposed every day to hazards that have a negative effect on them, this can then help to create any discolouration or decay you may be seeing. Add to this any accident you could be involved in that impacts your teeth and it becomes easy to see how your teeth may start to look unpleasant to you. The probability is you have already begun to investigate treatments that may help you improve the look of your teeth.

At Kings Dental Clinic we have been helping patients repair their damaged and discoloured teeth with dental crowns Hammersmith for many years, allowing them to gain the teeth that they desire and a smile that they feel confident showing to others they come into contact with.

A hard-wearing solution

If you are looking to repair any damaged or discoloured teeth you may have, then dental crowns Hammersmith may provide you with the perfect solution you have been looking for. They are hard wearing enough to cope with the hazards and rigours that your teeth are exposed to every day with use.

Made from a tough ceramic material that is then shaped and coloured to match any existing teeth, this is a dental treatment that will help you achieve a fresh look to your teeth in a way that will feel comfortable and natural in your mouth. The crown will simply fit onto any of your teeth being treated to cover any damage you are looking to disguise and hide away from the sight of others, leaving you with those nice white and clean teeth that you desire to have.

If you have had a root canal treatment then this is the perfect method to top off your treated tooth in order to protect the restoration work, this will help to ensure the treated tooth does not become infected again or develop any other issues such as extreme sensitivity.

Great way to gain a great look

So, if you have been looking at your teeth lately and found yourself wishing you could repair them and improve the way they look, then the answer may be dental crowns Hammersmith, as this treatment may give you the teeth you desire and that smile that you wish to have.Kings Dental Clinic is a purpose built centre that strives to offer the latest and most beneficial dental treatments.

Repairing dental crowns Hammersmith

Breaking a tooth can be a devastating experience, especially if it is a tooth located at the front of your mouth. Cracking or chipping, as well as tooth decay, can also cause the crown of the tooth to be lost. It is not always necessary to remove the entire tooth and dental crowns Hammersmith have been used in this type of repair for decades with impressive results.

When are dental crowns used?

There are many reasons why dental crowns Hammersmith might be the right option for you.  A few of these are when a tooth has become weak through decay to the point of breaking or if a tooth has been severely worn down. The tooth may be needed to support a bridge or to provide protection when a root canal procedure has been performed. A discoloured or misshapen tooth may require a cosmetic makeover, crowns are also the final stage of a dental implant.

Different types of crowns

Traditionally a crown is made to cover the entire tooth, however there are also three-quarter crowns and onlays which do not cover the entire tooth. These may be suggested when there is still a sound solid tooth structure. It is always a dentist’s aim to try and retain as much of your natural teeth as possible.

Materials used to create a crown

Over the decades modern dental science and technology have combined to provide the dental profession with new materials from which to create more and more natural looking crowns, both in shape and colour. Gold, and a variety of other metals used to be very popular and are still in use today, although these days mainly for the rear molars. Porcelain has become increasingly popular because of its ability to be matched to existing teeth more easily. Resin crowns are also available, but are not as hard wearing as metal and porcelain. Ceramic is another hard wearing material selected usually for a front tooth and especially useful if you have a metal allergy.

What is the procedure?

Dental crowns Hammersmith will normally require you to have at least two visits. The first visit requires an examination including X-rays of the specific tooth and the surrounding bone. During this examination we are specifically looking to see if there is any tooth decay, injury to the pulp of the tooth or any risk of later infection. Once we are satisfied that it is safe to proceed we will file the tooth across the top and the sides to make space for the crown. The amount of filing depends on the type of crown selected, metal crowns require less filing as they are thinner. Next we will take an impression of the tooth with dental putty, as well as the teeth above and below, to ensure that your bite is correct. This is sent off to the laboratory together with an exact colour match. On your return visit we will check the shape and colour of your crown to ensure that it matches your existing teeth. We will then cement the crown into place, if you require it, we can administer a local anaesthetic to ensure that you have no discomfort.

Your smile and confidence restored

Dental crowns allow you to eat and drink normally and to conduct your normal brushing and flossing maintenance. In addition to returning to life as normal you will also be able to show the world your confident, radiant smile.

Are you looking for a dentist that goes above and beyond?

Not only are we a dental practice that offers an unparalleled amount of treatment options under one roof, but we are a practice where many of our new patients come by way of referral from existing patients, family and friends.

dental-crown Who are we?

Whether it’s general dentistry you’re after to maintain your oral health, such as check-ups and cleaning, or perhaps you require a treatment plan which involves dental crowns or bridge work. Here, at Kings Dental Clinic, we have you covered. Perhaps you are looking to improve the appearance of your smile? Great! We can offer state-of-the-art treatments, using cosmetic dentistry techniques, such as advanced whitening and porcelain veneers. Whatever your needs, our experienced team has you covered!

If you have missing, chipped or broken teeth, we can offer dental crowns, which could perhaps be the perfect solution for you. It’s not pleasant suffering with broken or missing teeth, not to mention embarrassing. Many people who suffer with broken teeth don’t smile properly and naturally attempt to hide the appearance of their damaged teeth. It does not need to be this way as dental crowns can restore the structure, appearance and function and integrity of the tooth, allowing you once again to regain the natural function of chewing, whilst at the same time providing you with the freedom to smile again without embarrassment. Now isn’t that something to smile about?

Why choose us?

Are you new in town, or perhaps just looking for a dental practice who can offer all your treatments under one roof? Maybe you have been too busy of late to find the time to get to the dentist, or perhaps you are just nervous about even going to see a dentist. Don’t worry as we have your back. We are a dental phobic registered practice, and we are hugely experienced in treating nervous patients. With today’s advancements in modern dental techniques and state of the art equipment,  there is really no reason why your visit with us should be anything other than a comfortable experience for you. It is important to stay on top of your oral health and our friendly and welcoming team are on hand to make sure that this is a pleasant experience for you

If it’s cosmetic enhancement you are looking for, well you’ve certainly come to the right place! A great smile is not only good for your sense of well being and confidence, it can also leave a lasting impression just when it is needed most. With today’s state of the art whitening techniques, having that killer smile is no longer reserved only for movie stars and entertainers. It is available to you today, and for a lot less than you could imagine. We offer a range of convenient payment options to spread the cost of your dental treatment and to make it completely affordable for most of our patients.

So if you’re looking for a quality dentist is Hammersmith or Southwark, see what Kings Dental clinic can do for you, it really is a no brainer!

Good roots? Get crowns

As dentists in the 21st Century, our main aim is to help you to hang onto your teeth for as long as you can. Whereas in the past, dentists couldn’t wait to pull your teeth out and give you the latest in dentures, nowadays we know that your tooth roots are invaluable for two reasons. They stop your teeth wobbling around when you eat and speak, and they also keep your jawbone cells in a state of constant renewal, so that your jawbone is big and strong.

Dental Crowns in HammersmithWe have a good range of techniques for helping you keep your teeth here at Kings Dental and one of them is dental crowns. In Hammersmith, these little treasures in our toolkit have a long and illustrious history. Crowns have been used in dentistry since the Etruscans (the people who lived in Tuscany in ancient times) had to find ways to repair their teeth, no doubt after chomping down on olive stones.

What is a dental crown?

The dental crown is a porcelain cover that goes over the entire surface of the any tooth that has suffered a trauma of some kind, or have had a large filling, or have had root canal treatment. The crown is fitted over the remains of the tooth, which may have to be shaped first, and this strengthens and protects it from further damage.

Getting a crown fitted

This usually needs 2 appointments. At the first appointment, we examine and prepare the tooth. We check the tooth roots and bone around it are healthy, which may mean taking x-rays. If they are, we can go onto the next stage.

Next, we give you a local anaesthetic, before filing down the tooth to make room for the crown. If, on the other hand, you have hardly any tooth left to start with, we can we will rebuild it up so that it can support the crown. Next, we take an impression of your tooth. This is used to make the crown out of porcelain that is colour-matched to your teeth. We fit it at the next appointment, cementing it in place.

Strengthen and restore your teeth with dental crowns in Hammersmith

One’s smile is one of the first things we notice about a person’s appearance. People with a big, bright smile are naturally magnetic and personable. Unfortunately, if you have broken, cracked, or missing teeth, you might be unwilling to smile. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry can help you restore and transform your smile with dental crowns.

Dental Crowns in HammersmithAt Kings Dental Clinic, we use dental crowns to preserve and protect your teeth while restoring the appearance of your smile. Dental crowns are strong and durable and, in most cases, they look just like natural teeth. There are a number of materials that may be used for the creation of dental crowns: porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, and resin. Your dentist will be the one to determine which type is best for your specific issue, though porcelain crowns are the most common since they combine maximum function and aesthetics.

What to expect

A dental crown installation will usually require two separate visits to the dentist. On your first visit, your dentist will examine the affected tooth and determine whether or not it can support a crown. If your tooth can support a crown, they will start filing it down to prepare it. If your tooth is significantly damaged, your dentist may need to add a filling as well. Crowns function like caps over the teeth, therefore it is really important that the tooth is prepared in the right shape. Once the preparation is completed, your dentist will take an impression and send it to the dental lab, where your permanent crown will be made. You will also be fitted in with a temporary crown until you receive your final crown.

When your permanent crown is ready, you will visit the dentist for the last part of the process. They will remove the temporary crown and position and secure the new one on your tooth with a special kind of adhesive. It will take some time for you to adjust to this new fixture, but eventually, you will get used to the permanent crown. Over time, your dental crown should look, function, and feel just like the rest of your teeth.