Invest in your oral health with a visit to Kings Dental Clinic

Here at Kings Dental Clinic, we are passionate about our patient care and are on hand to assist with taking ownership of your oral health Hammersmith.

We have a highly qualified dental staff team consisting of dentists, therapists, hygienists, and nurses to take care of all your oral health Hammersmith needs. If you’re new to the area and are looking to find a dentist we welcome first time patients to our practice.

Patients can enjoy a host of treatment plans from general dental care and cosmetic injectables for aesthetically pleasing results, to sparkling veneers and orthodontics.

We believe dental hygiene is vital to having good levels of oral health

Here at Kings Dental Clinic, we offer patients preventive dentistry as well as dental hygiene treatments so you can enjoy optimal oral health Hammersmith.

Our dental hygiene treatment is delivered by a skilled hygienist and this treatment is great at helping to remove stubborn plaque from your teeth that may build up over time. Scaling and polishing are then performed on your teeth with a professional cleaning paste. Our dental hygienist is also able to provide you with insight on some of the best brushing techniques you can apply at home to best look after your teeth.

Did you know that by having your teeth professionally cleaned it will help to remove plaque build-up and lower your risk of encountering gum disease or infection?

We recommend that patients visit our practice for regular check-ups and routine cleaning in order to ensure their teeth and gums are healthy with no signs of infection.

Preventive dentistry helps to alleviate gum disease in patients

One of the best ways to lower your risk of gum disease is through having your teeth professionally cleaned and another highly efficient way is through practising preventive dentistry.

Did you know that when gingivitis is left untreated it could develop further and become an infection commonly referred to as periodontitis? This results in the entire area surrounding the tooth becoming affected and may even lead to tooth loss should it not be treated in time.

As with most dentists, we believe that prevention is better than cure and can assist with diagnosing signs of infection or disease at an early stage. This helps to minimise any symptoms and to treat the infection without allowing it to develop into something more severe.

We encourage patients to visit our dental practice for general check-ups

We highly recommend that adult patients have a general check-up arranged at our practice at least twice a year with our dentist, to ensure they have good oral health and that their teeth and gums are all in good condition. For children we recommend arranging a visit at least once a year to ensure their teeth are forming correctly and that they have healthy gums with no signs of infections.

If you’re contemplating improving your smile and would like to find out more about how a dental treatment could benefit you, simply arrange an appointment with our friendly receptionist. We would be happy to assist you on your journey to an improved smile.

A look at cosmetic orthodontics Hammersmith

If you are someone who looks at the look of their teeth and feels unhappy with the shape of the way the teeth fit into your mouth then the chances are you are living with crooked or misaligned teeth, this may include protruding teeth and teeth with gaps between them. Living with misaligned teeth is a common dental issue amongst adults in the UK, which can promote the development of other common dental issues, such as gum disease, tooth decay, and plaque build-up, and also leads to someone living with some discomfort within their mouth.

For those adults who are living with the problems caused by living with crooked teeth we want you to understand that there is absolutely no need for you to carry on doing so, as there are tooth alignment treatments that target adults available on the dental markets of the UK.

At Kings Dental Clinic we are offering adult patients the opportunity to have their teeth perfectly aligned, by offering cosmetic orthodontics Hammersmith. Our hope is that we can help to improve our patient’s oral hygiene standards, along with improving their quality of life.

The orthodontic devices

If you have mild to moderate tooth alignment issues, then the six months smile system may be the solution for you.  This revolutionary new system makes use of discreet braces to move your teeth into their correct alignment, over time the six months smile system can reduce the distance between each of your teeth and remove the appearance of small gaps between your teeth.

We have been utilising and recommending the six months smile system to our patients since its launch just a few short years ago, we really do believe that this system is one of the vital tools we have available to us when providing cosmetic orthodontics Hammersmith.

For people with more severe tooth alignment issues, we have options available that could provide you with a discreet solution that suits your needs and will give you the results you desire.

Invisalign is a clear plastic aligner that fits over your teeth and can appear to be hidden in plain sight, as it is hard for the eyes of others to detect. While treatment with this device may take longer, normally between twelve to eighteen months, it is suitable for use when treating more complex tooth alignment issues.

Invisalign is a treatment that is made up of a series of aligners that are changed at two to three-week intervals and will slowly reposition your teeth to achieve perfect alignment within the mouth.

Another option that we can provide to our patients is the Inman aligner, which makes use of a lingual coil spring to apply pressure to the back of any teeth that need repositioning and a small bar placed across the front of the teeth to maintain pressure evenly.

Treatment with the Inman aligner is often given over a short length of time, normally completed within eight to sixteen weeks.

You can make a change

So, if you are someone who no longer wants to live with misaligned teeth, we hope we have provided you with some options that you will consider. You can have the straight teeth you are looking for with cosmetic orthodontics Hammersmith.Kings Dental Clinic is a purpose-built centre that strives to offer the latest and most effective dental techniques to help you discover your healthy smile.

Regain your confidence with full mouth rehabilitation

Here at Kings Dental Clinic, we are proud to offer our patients specialised treatments including the option for a full mouth rehabilitation Hammersmith. Our highly skilled team of dental practitioners offer prosthodontics and can help to design, create, and attach replacement teeth for those patients who need dentures, crowns, or implants.

For those patients experiencing loose or missing teeth it can be a daunting experience and we are on hand to support you every step of the way so you can look forward to smiling freely once more. If you’re experiencing difficulties when eating or drinking or are unable to pronounce your words clearly perhaps it’s time to consider full mouth rehabilitation Hammersmith.

The great news is that restoring your smile is possible thanks to an incredible variety of treatment options. At our clinic we look forward to helping our patients regain their ability to smile and want you to have healthy teeth and gums.

We offer full mouth reconstruction at our dental practice in Olympia

This treatment option is also commonly referred to as reconstruction and makes use of a variety of dental solutions to help replace missing or damaged teeth in patients.

Some of these solutions include the option for fitting crowns or veneers as well as inlays, onlays and even white-coloured fillings for a subtle finish.

Patients are also able to have bridges and dental implants to replace missing or damaged teeth. The great news is that all these procedures can be carried out at our dental practice so you can have a full mouth rehabilitation Hammersmith with the help of our qualified team.

Enjoy socialising with friends and family once more

Do you feel self-conscious about the current state of your teeth and find it difficult to smile broadly? Are you inclined to politely decline dinner invitations due to your inability to chew or bite food freely? Do you feel like your productivity at work may be suffering due to your inability to communicate effectively? If you find yourself answering yes to one or more of these questions perhaps it’s time to consider seeking treatment at our surgery.

It is possible to have the smile you have always dreamed of with healthy teeth and gums utilising a range of treatment options at our dental practice. We want you to feel confident and proud to show off your smile to your friends, family, and colleagues. You will also be able to restore your ability to eat and dine out without having to worry about what food items are on the menu.

For those patients that are looking to replace their loose or missing teeth or who are interested in pursuing the idea of dentures, there is an option worth considering called flexi dentures. Not only are they comfortable for patients, but they are flexible as well and have a variety of colours to choose from. We are also able to match them to the shade of your existing teeth so you can enjoy a natural-looking smile once more.

If you’re hoping to alter the state of your teeth and re-invent your smile, visit us at Kings Dental Clinic. Our friendly staff are on hand to help you on your smile journey and look forward to seeing how we may be of assistance to you.

Prosthodontics and the advantages of dental implants

When you are an adult with missing teeth or a missing tooth, it can have a dramatic impact on how you carry yourself and how you feel in your day-to-day life. Especially if the missing tooth is located near the front of the mouth.

In the past, the only options available for replacing missing teeth included a fitted bridge, a denture or a partial denture. But thanks to advances in dental treatments, many surgeries are now able to offer dental implants to patients with missing teeth

And our surgery is no exception!

At Kings Dental Clinic, we are proud of the prosthodontics Hammersmith that we can offer to our patients, including dental implants and implant-supported bridges and dentures. Affixed to the jaw, implants ensure that your new teeth will not move and will feel just like the real thing.

Want to know more about the advantages of having dental implants or prosthodontics Hammersmith?  Read on!


As we mentioned before, a key advantage of having prosthodontics Hammersmith (specifically dental implants) or a prosthesis supported by dental implants is that it will feel just like your real teeth. This is because the implants are fitted via surgery and require osseointegration to occur, which fuses them to the jawbone. And so, anything that is attached to this implant will not or should not move.

Easy to care for

Many patients who have had a detachable bridge or set of dentures have found them easy to care for, but it is a bit removed from what is involved in caring for natural teeth.

With oral implants, all that is required is that you brush the prosthetic teeth twice a day, floss between them and attend check-ups with our team to ensure that there are no signs of gum disease or other issues which could cause the premature loss of the implant.


It may sound odd to state that dental implants are affordable, but when compared to the costs associated with missing teeth, such as excessive fillings, crowns or even orthodontic work, dental implants are indeed more affordable.

And at our clinic, we are happy to be able to offer our patients 0% financing options to help you spread the cost of oral implant fittings over several months, so they will not take a toll on your finances.

Natural looking

If you are looking to fill a single gap in your teeth, you may be concerned that the prosthetic that will be attached to the implant will stick out like a sore thumb.

However, our team can match your surrounding natural teeth in colour, shade and translucency of the enamel, so any prosthetic that is fitted will not look unnatural and will blend in seamlessly. If you are having an entire set of dentures fitted using implants and want a gleaming Hollywood smile, we can do that too.

Long lasting

With correct aftercare, oral implants can last up to and over 15 years and, as mentioned before,  this aftercare is not extensive and simply requires you to brush your implant as you would your normal teeth and attend biannual check-ups with our team. Perfect!

Endodontics: an intro to root canals

Endodontics gets to the root of the problem! Root canals Hammersmith are often an effective method for saving teeth that would otherwise be lost, but it often has a bad reputation with many patients being very concerned about upcoming treatments.

Dental abscess

The dental abscess is a particularly stubborn presentation of abscesses; various infected tissues with a culture of bacteria that have been isolated from the rest of your body in a capsule of inflamed scar tissue can be tough to treat.

Historically, abscesses used to be lanced, but they are usually resolved with antibiotics in modern dental care. In most cases, the effectiveness of antibiotics is directly proportional to how well the area around the abscess is supplied with blood.

A dental abscess is formed between the microscopic gap where the root interfaces with the jawbone, which is an area with almost no blood flow; this is why intervention is required. Root canals Hammersmith are often performed with the combined use of antibiotics to help prevent secondary or systemic infections.

The procedure

At Kings Dental Clinic, we use the standard root canal procedure: drilling an access hole in the top of the affected tooth and exposing the underlying canal, which is then cleaned and widened until we get down to the underlying abscess. The abscess can then be drained and cleaned from within the tooth.

Depending on which tooth we are working on, the procedure can be quite extensive and take much longer, especially for molars with their two or more roots and difficult position in the mouth. Roots are also rarely straight, and an x-ray will be taken before the procedure to ascertain how complicated the root widening may be, with incomplete or impacted roots requiring significantly more time.

This often leads to the procedure being performed over multiple sessions, with a temporary filling used to close the access hole in between. During such sessions, an antiseptic solution is placed inside the tooth that will slowly seep into the dentin and help with the cleaning and abscess resolution.

As it takes the best part of 2 hours to complete, even a simple root canal procedure without a gap would be difficult for any patient and extremely taxing on our dentist, increasing chances of error.

Aftercare and recovery

The aftercare is minimal, and recovery is no more than a few days. In most cases, we are very proud of our clinic to have an extremely high success rate of 95% at permanently resolving abscesses. However, the most common complication is a re-formation of the abscess in the tooth.

The direction treatment will usually take in this situation is towards an apicoectomy, where the ends of the root tips are surgically removed. This is a relatively invasive procedure and usually only needs to be performed in very complicated systems that cannot be cleaned effectively or treated in any other way.

We’ve managed to achieve and maintain this high standard with our root canals Hammersmith, continually investing in further training and high-quality equipment like surgical microscopes, fine files and grinding tools.

Bringing smiles, dental implants in Hammersmith!

It is unfortunate that sometimes we lose a tooth either through an accident or due to tooth decay. However, we at Kings Dental Clinic can assure you that it is no longer necessary to endure having to go through life with a lost tooth or teeth. The last five decades have seen some amazing advances in dental science, all designed to ensure that you can keep the wonderful smile that you were born with.

Dental science and technology combine

We are all aware of how technology has become a way of life for us, from smartphones to the way we interact with our banks and shopping. It is impossible to avoid technology and dental science has harnessed the benefits that technology can bring to improving dentistry. It was only fifty years ago when the first modern day dental implant was performed. Now dental implants Hammersmith have become a routine procedure when it comes to the replacement of lost teeth. Over the past decades new discoveries have been made to bring about improvements to the equipment and techniques used in implantology.

Lost tooth alternatives

For many years the only viable alternatives to lost teeth were either a bridge or dentures, both with their own challenges. Dental implants Hammersmith have changed all that and the procedure is now widely used all over the world bringing long-lasting relief to thousands of patients. Of course the best way to avoid losing teeth from tooth decay is to observe a proper dental maintenance regime. We are strong advocates of preventive dentistry with the main focus on education from an early age. Technology has also motivated many patients to pay more attention to their face and especially their smile. Losing teeth not only has aesthetic consequences, but can also damage your self-esteem. Losing a tooth will result in jawbone degeneration and can also cause changes to the shape of your face.

Replacing a tooth has more than just a cosmetic benefit

Improvements in medical science have resulted in an increase in longevity and because of this patients want a permanent solution to any tooth loss. Our teeth have been designed to aid our digestive system, by allowing us to chew our food so that our stomachs can manage to digest it. Finding a stable solution which mimics the way our natural teeth work has always been the goal. While bridges and dentures have offered some relief, bridges require adjacent teeth to be fixed to and dentures do not quite offer the stability required when chewing. The benefits of being able to chew our food properly has huge medical implications.

The solution

Dental implants Hammersmith offer the ideal permanent, stable solution which performs in the same way as your natural teeth. A dental implant is fixed permanently into your jawbone and the titanium used fuses perfectly with your bone to give a solid base for the abutment and crown that are fitted on top and in line with your remaining teeth. The crown is shaped and coloured to match your existing natural teeth. Brushing and flossing can be done in the same way as with your original teeth. Kings Dental Clinic have performed many of these procedures, so if you are suffering from a lost tooth or teeth, why not give us a call and let us restore your smile.

Thinking about giving up bad habits?

At Kings Dental Clinic, our team is big on reducing oral cancers and preventing damage to teeth and gums. And we are proud to be able to offer our patients smoking cessation Hammersmith!

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of giving up smoking with the help of our team.

Reduces tooth decay

Smoking cessation Hammersmith is about far more than simply kicking the habit; it is about improving your dental and overall health too.

When you smoke, you are breathing in hot smoke which, in turn, reduces the amount of saliva in your mouth.

Saliva plays a key part in keeping your mouth healthy; it makes your teeth ‘slippery’ and harder for plaque and debris to latch on to. By smoking, you may increase the amount of debris that adheres to your teeth, leading to a higher incidence of tooth decay.

Reduces gum disease

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is in essence when an accumulation of bacteria causes your gums to swell, become inflamed and more porous.

Smoking has been linked in many studies to the formation and worsening of gum disease, alongside the recurrence of it in those who have a history of this issue. Not only does gum disease increase the chances of you losing your teeth, but it has also been linked to secondary issues such as heart disease.

This is because the bacteria in your mouth can get access to your bloodstream via the porous gums.

Whitens smile

The main factor related to smoking and teeth is that the nicotine in the cigarettes causes them to become yellow and stained.

By undertaking smoking cessation Hammersmith, you will not only improve your physical health, but your teeth will be less likely to become stained and can be whitened by our team without the risk of this habit causing them to discolour again.

Reduces oral cancer risk

The links between smoking and cancer are well documented, but when you smoke, you are increasing your chances of developing oral cancer by up to ten times!

This not only pertains to smoking cigarettes, but is also linked to other aspects of tobacco use such as smoking pipes, cigars and even chewing tobacco. This is because the chemicals that come into contact with your inner mouth when you smoke alter the cells’ production genetically, thus increasing the chance that they will become damaged and cancerous.

By giving up smoking, from day 1, you reduce this risk greatly and our team at Kings Dental will be there every step of the way supporting you and offering you advice to help you make the right choices for your health.


Smoking can also cause offensive breath.

Many people who smoke report feeling self-conscious about their breath when talking to others, creating a social issue surrounding this habit.

Our team can help you to regain your confidence with our clinic and help you feel good about your social habits, your smile and your health again.

For more information on how our team can help you give up smoking, feel free to call our clinic today.

Repairing dental crowns Hammersmith

Breaking a tooth can be a devastating experience, especially if it is a tooth located at the front of your mouth. Cracking or chipping, as well as tooth decay, can also cause the crown of the tooth to be lost. It is not always necessary to remove the entire tooth and dental crowns Hammersmith have been used in this type of repair for decades with impressive results.

When are dental crowns used?

There are many reasons why dental crowns Hammersmith might be the right option for you.  A few of these are when a tooth has become weak through decay to the point of breaking or if a tooth has been severely worn down. The tooth may be needed to support a bridge or to provide protection when a root canal procedure has been performed. A discoloured or misshapen tooth may require a cosmetic makeover, crowns are also the final stage of a dental implant.

Different types of crowns

Traditionally a crown is made to cover the entire tooth, however there are also three-quarter crowns and onlays which do not cover the entire tooth. These may be suggested when there is still a sound solid tooth structure. It is always a dentist’s aim to try and retain as much of your natural teeth as possible.

Materials used to create a crown

Over the decades modern dental science and technology have combined to provide the dental profession with new materials from which to create more and more natural looking crowns, both in shape and colour. Gold, and a variety of other metals used to be very popular and are still in use today, although these days mainly for the rear molars. Porcelain has become increasingly popular because of its ability to be matched to existing teeth more easily. Resin crowns are also available, but are not as hard wearing as metal and porcelain. Ceramic is another hard wearing material selected usually for a front tooth and especially useful if you have a metal allergy.

What is the procedure?

Dental crowns Hammersmith will normally require you to have at least two visits. The first visit requires an examination including X-rays of the specific tooth and the surrounding bone. During this examination we are specifically looking to see if there is any tooth decay, injury to the pulp of the tooth or any risk of later infection. Once we are satisfied that it is safe to proceed we will file the tooth across the top and the sides to make space for the crown. The amount of filing depends on the type of crown selected, metal crowns require less filing as they are thinner. Next we will take an impression of the tooth with dental putty, as well as the teeth above and below, to ensure that your bite is correct. This is sent off to the laboratory together with an exact colour match. On your return visit we will check the shape and colour of your crown to ensure that it matches your existing teeth. We will then cement the crown into place, if you require it, we can administer a local anaesthetic to ensure that you have no discomfort.

Your smile and confidence restored

Dental crowns allow you to eat and drink normally and to conduct your normal brushing and flossing maintenance. In addition to returning to life as normal you will also be able to show the world your confident, radiant smile.

Safe delivery of facial aesthetics in Hammersmith

As part of their training dentists cover the muscles, bones and skin of the body especially in the head, neck and shoulders. They have to be able to identify when a jaw and teeth are not in alignment. This makes them perfectly placed to deliver facial aesthetics Hammersmith treatments with a little further specialised training. They also already have the perfect sterile environment in their surgeries to ensure that their treatments are safe. In addition to general dental, cosmetic and advanced dental procedures, aesthetic treatments also enhance a patient’s self-esteem.

A progressive approach

We believe that listening to patients’ concerns and expectations is a vital part of providing the correct treatment. Over the years we have extended the treatments we offer in response to your requests and we believe that facial aesthetics Hammersmith complement our existing skills and that it is beneficial to our patients to offer this service alongside dentistry. Our caring and understanding approach has earned us dental phobia certification. Often people display the same fear of facial aesthetics treatment and we use the same approach to put these patients at ease. We are used to operating in a sterile environment using tried and trusted medical techniques to ensure that our instruments are properly disinfected. In addition we utilise a decontamination room to ensure that your safety is always guaranteed.

Treatments available

Running alongside our normal dental treatments we offer rejuvenation treatments which are non-invasive and are delivered non-surgically. Our skin can show signs of ageing due to a variety of factors. Age spots and loss of elasticity can be caused by exposure to the sun, a poor diet and excessive smoking, just some of the more common causes. Our skilled practitioners use the very latest techniques, equipment and treatments to combat these signs of ageing. We use botulinum toxin to relax the facial muscles, resulting in a smoother skin appearance. The treatment takes between five to ten minutes and results can normally be seen within a few days. The treatment is non-surgical and lasts roughly three months after which it will need to be repeated. Dermal fillers which replace the hyaluronic acid lost over time will plump up wrinkles and lines producing a more youthful look. This same process is used for lip enhancement and to shape the contours of your hands and neck. Another procedure which has been used medically to aid the healing of wounds is thread lift. Inserting numerous layers of absorbable polydioxanone threads will stimulate collagen production and promote firmness and elasticity of the skin. To help combat the signs of ageing a revolutionary new treatment platelet-rich plasma therapy which uses your own blood mixed with a dermal filler aids regeneration, removes damaged cells and is very effective. Mesotherapy is a treatment using a multiple injection method delivering numerous vitamins and minerals which are important to maintaining a healthy and youthful skin. Whitebox treatment is designed to reduce skin pigmentation and is applied using the multi-injection techniques of the mesotherapy procedure.

Your dental health and appearance maintained under one roof

Dental care is our primary service and concern, but by providing facial aesthetics Hammersmith we are able to satisfy numerous patient requirements all under one roof. We at Kings Dental Clinic pride ourselves on listening to and understanding the needs of our patients. We are committed to providing safe treatments so that you can face today’s world with a confident and radiant smile.

Have you been trying to find out more about cosmetic dentistry?

When people think of going to their dental practice, things such as general check-ups, fillings and braces are what generally spring to mind. Here at Kings Dental Clinic we are dedicated to helping people get the smile that they desire, and we provide a range of dental treatments alongside our more traditional ones that can benefit peoples’ smiles. Sometimes people feel as if there is nothing they can do about the things that they are unhappy with, such as enamel discolouration or a chipped tooth, but this is almost never the case. If you are unsatisfied with your smile, but are not sure whether there are treatments out there that could help or not, we recommend that you book a consultation appointment to speak to one of our practitioners about cosmetic dentistry Hammersmith. They will be able to listen to your worries and recommend which treatments will be most suited to your circumstances, answering any questions you have along the way.

It’s never too late to love your smile

A majority of people who are dissatisfied with their smile do not realise how cosmetic dentistry Hammersmith could benefit them. People who have had a chipped tooth for years have just got used to it and those who suffer from discolouration and staining have just decided it is a natural part of ageing. This is not the case, and treatments such as porcelain veneers and teeth whitening can really alter the way people feel about their smile. Instead of doing whatever they can to hide their teeth, people embrace their smile and cannot wait to proudly show it off. Teeth whitening can brighten the colour of your teeth by several shades, dramatically reducing the appearance of stains and preventing your smile from suffering from premature ageing. Veneers are useful when trying to disguise a chip in your smile, or for closing tiny gaps that are present between each of your teeth. Veneers give your smile a much more even appearance overall and can even brighten your smile a little bit in some circumstances.

Treatments that can really make a difference

Sometimes people just want to give their teeth a little bit of love and care, and this is when cosmetic dentistry Hammersmith can really come in useful. Whilst it is important to see your dental practitioner for a check-up on a regular basis if you wish to have healthy teeth, at Kings Dental Clinic we understand how sometimes you need a bit of extra ‘oomph’ when it comes to making your smile look great. We provide a wedding day package so that you can get your smile looking its best for that special day, whether it is you that is getting married or you are just attending but want to make sure you are photograph ready.

Sometimes people want to upgrade from current applications that they have, such as metallic fillings, to something that is less noticeable, such as white fillings. This upgrade can dramatically affect how people feel towards their smile, as a white filling enables a patient to laugh and speak with confidence, avoiding the worry about other people spotting metal in their mouth.