A fresh smile with cosmetic dentistry Hammersmith

We all deserve to have a smile that we are truly proud to share with others. It is a right that professionals are able to offer any individual who comes in for cosmetic dentistry Hammersmith.


We have a range of different treatments that are aimed at highlighting your unique beauty, remaining natural whilst perfecting, whitening, straightening and strengthening your teeth and gums. A lot of our treatments can be designed to work in a bespoke manner for your unique situation and we are able to combine many to create a plan that is tailor made just for you.

This means that the results expected can be uniquely perfect for both what you are looking for with your teeth and what you need in order to have a fully functional and beautiful smile.

What are some of the treatments that we have available?

Cosmetic dentistry Hammersmith is all about listening to your needs and that means working to a specific timeline that is important to you. We even offer wedding day smile packages, knowing that these events, or ones very similar to it, are momentous in our patients’ lives. Such aspects that complete a special day simply need to fall into place and you can be assured that we can provide this kind of service. If you’re looking for a picture-perfect smile on your wedding day, then speak with us, knowing that we will work to this timeline and offer the right solutions to get that right result for you.

Depending on the time frame available, cosmetic dentistry Hammersmith has a number of different options on offer. Each situation is obviously different, however we can say that in general, anything between weeks and years we can work with.

For shorter time frames, veneers are a suitable choice for people with a range of different dental issues. This treatment consists of covering the outer surface of your tooth with a thin shell, creating a more desirable appearance.

We can do this with a single tooth that causes you discomfort, or multiple teeth, depending on your budget and your circumstances. If you have discoloured teeth that cannot be easily whitened because the staining is due to medication, ageing or past dental treatments, then veneers would be a favourable option for you.

You can also use this treatment for broken, chipped or cracked teeth as it also prevents further damage taking place whilst the veneer is in place. Slightly crooked or gapped teeth are also amended, meaning that you do not need to invest many months into correcting the appearance of your smile, which is especially important for wedding day treatments when the date is relatively close.

It only takes a couple of treatments to finalise veneers, an initial consultation and the preparing of the teeth for the placement and then the placement some weeks later. As your shells are bespokely, you do need to account for some time for these to be made, so that they suit your face and your original teeth perfectly, creating the most natural look possible.

Are you concerned about your oral health in Hammersmith?

Keeping your teeth happy


At Kings Dental Clinic we believe it is our job to keep our patients’ teeth as healthy and happy as they can possibly be. Given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we understand that for many people out there, visiting their local dental practice may not be their highest priority. However, that being said we do also wish to emphasise to our patients the importance of keeping up a good standard of oral health, as this has repercussions for their outward appearance and inner wellbeing. Anyone who feels that perhaps they have not been paying enough attention or scrutiny towards their dental routine recently and has concerns about their oral health in Hammersmith should contact our practice here at Kings Dental to make sure their teeth get the care and attention that they deserve.

What can Kings Dental Clinic do for me?

For those who are worried or concerned about their oral health in Hammersmith, the best solution would be to contact us here at Kings Dental Clinic and arrange to see our dental hygienist. It is the role of our hygienist to make sure that the teeth of each of our patients are as healthy as can be, and that there are no signs of any gum problems – such as periodontal disease – in development. Our dental hygienist can also carry out a professional cleaning service, during which specialised equipment is used to remove any excess plaque and tartar build-ups from the harder to reach areas around a patient’s mouth. Anyone who is worried about their oral health in Hammersmith should speak to our hygienist and arrange an appointment at their next convenient opportunity. This is a way of ensuring that their teeth are properly assessed and that any potentially damaging bacteria is removed before it can develop into a tooth or gum infection such as gingivitis. Another one of the benefits of visiting our hygienist here at Kings Dental is that they can provide advice and helpful tips to patients with regard to how best to maintain their oral health, which can have a massively positive overall effect on their teeth in the long term.

Invisible orthodontics

One concern which patients regularly voice to our dental practitioners here at Kings Dental Clinic is having teeth which are visibly crooked, overlapping or misaligned. This can make eating tough foods and pronouncing words and phrases difficult, as well as have a damaging impact on a patient’s social life or self-confidence. When people consider orthodontics, they are often limited in their thinking to traditional metallic braces. Braces of this nature – often referred to as ‘train tracks’ – are effective in their goal of realigning crooked teeth, but they do so in a way which often leaves a visible impact on how patients look. Nowadays however orthodontics has developed into a much wider range of treatment options, which include more discreet or ‘invisible’ options. These cosmetic alternatives are designed to leave little to no impact on how patients look from the outside and often do not need anything to be bonded to the patient’s teeth at all. Anyone who wishes to realign their teeth, but does not wish to affect how they look in the process, should contact our orthodontic experts at Kings Dental to arrange a consultation to find out more about cosmetic orthodontics.

Why is oral health important?

Oral health in Hammersmith is something that is incredibly important to consider. Your oral health is an important component of your overall general health. The health of your mouth could have implications on your wider health. Poor oral health is something that could have adverse effects on your smile and this in turn could lead to issues for your mouth over time. You could be leaving your mouth prone to issues such as periodontal disease and infections. This could lead to issues such as tooth decay and possible tooth loss.


Taking care of your smile and listening to your dentist’s advice could allow your smile to be as healthy and as strong as it can be for the longest period of time. This article will run through the treatments and advice that we can offer to combat poor oral health. We will also discuss what you should do next if you decide that we could be the practice to help you.

How can I care for my oral health?

Oral health in Hammersmith can be taken care of by our dental professionals through preventive dentistry. We can work with our patients to help them take charge of their oral health. Each patient’s smile is different and it is important for patients to understand how to best care for their oral health. We can assist children in their journey into looking after their own teeth. It is important that children begin to understand the importance of oral hygiene.

We can also assist patients in the education on how to care for the health of their gums. Healthy gums are imperative to ensure the health of the overall mouth and this can prevent issues such as periodontal disease. We can assist patients who have sensitive teeth to allow them to not succumb to issues such as cold foods. We are able to assist and educate with dental hygiene. This can improve the overall health of your mouth as well as ensuring fresh breath at all times. We can give you advice and help you with smoking cessation as well as providing a dedicated mouth cancer screening service.

What should I do next?

Should you decide that oral health in Hammersmith could be a good fit for you then you should consider getting in contact with us to discuss your options moving forward to improving your overall oral health. You can have a look at our website to be kept up to date with how we are running our practice in the current climate. You could also call us here today at Kings Dental and we can begin to assist you in your endeavours to improve your oral health. If you take charge of your oral health today then you are making a commitment to your teeth and keeping them stronger for longer. Your natural teeth can last a lifetime if you take proper care of them and follow the advice that is issued to you by your dentist. We believe that everyone should have access to the best quality healthcare and advice and we are fully supportive of all of our patients.

Staying on top of your oral health in Hammersmith

At our dental clinic situated within Hammersmith we take great pride in the high standard of dentistry we provide to all of our new and pre-registered patients. Our modern and welcoming dental clinic boasts an impressive team of dental specialists who all share the same passion for the dental care they offer! Many of our patients may overlook the importance of their dental health, despite this however a regular biannual check-up with our dentist at Kings Dental Clinic could be considered as vital to maintaining a high standard of oral health in Hammersmith.


Dental hygiene is viewed in high regard at our clinic in Hammersmith

At our clinic in London we embrace high quality dental care, in addition to the variety of dental treatments we provide. Despite offering an extensive array of preventive, orthodontic, general, and even cosmetic dental care, we place great emphasis on the maintenance of oral health in Hammersmith.

What to expect from a dental hygiene appointment at our clinic

Many of our patients, especially those who are anxious, may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect from a biannual dental hygiene appointment at our clinic. Once our patients have booked an appointment via our online contact details we can begin the treatment process.

What happens next?

During a dental hygiene appointment patients can expect to receive several standardised procedures such as an oral assessment, to name just one common example, in addition to a tailor-made plan to cater for their individual dental needs. Just one example of a standard service during a hygiene appointment is that of a scale and polish (also commonly referred to as a ‘cosmetic clean’).

What is a scale and polish?

A scale and polish is a common service during a dental hygiene appointment, and is typically completed within the space of minutes! Despite the scale and polish being frequently administered within a biannual check-up, many patients may be unsure of how it produces a healthier, and therefore happier smile. A scale and polish is administered by a dental hygienist who will work to remove a build-up of plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth, this accumulates due to an excessive amount of oral bacteria within the mouth.

So how does it work?

A scale and polish is essentially a professional service which uses a combination of special brushes and dental pastes to remove calculus from the surface of the teeth, however there is more to dental hygiene than a simple cosmetic clean!

Taking care of your oral health in the comfort of your own home

Unfortunately visiting the dentist twice annually may not be enough to maintain an adequate standard of oral health, several steps may therefore have to be taken in order to keep your mouth looking and feeling clean and healthy! One of our fantastic and experienced dental hygienists may offer you advice on how to best take care of your smile at home, this is often unique to your individual dental case and works to ensure you achieve the best possible dental results all the time.

Why should I worry about oral health?

Oral health in Hammersmith can be used as an indicator of overall general health. We, as dental professionals, believe the level of your oral health can also be used to determine your well-being and quality of life. The better shape your mouth is in, the better your overall health. A range of diseases and conditions are treated within the field of dentistry, this includes gum disease which in extreme circumstances can develop into periodontal disease. Tooth loss and oral cancer are two other conditions which can be diagnosed and treated at an early stage. Both can seriously impact a person’s wellbeing. Any injuries or trauma to the mouth can also be dealt with by us as dental professionals. Many of these issues can be kept at bay with a good level of home oral hygiene. You can aid your own health and hygiene levels within your mouth by following good dental hygiene practices, as well as following any advice from your dentist at Kings Dental Clinic. This article will discuss why your oral health is important, as well as how to maintain a good level of dental wholesomeness, which will allow you to keep your teeth and gums strong and pristine.


Why is oral health important?

Oral health in Hammersmith is important, to ensure that a patient has good general health, as the mouth is the gateway to the body. We believe that it is important to maintain an excellent  level of oral cleanliness and care to make certain that you keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. It is crucial to maintain a good hygiene level to avoid problems such as gum disease, which can cause more complications for you and your teeth further down the line. This can help you prevent issues such as abscesses and receding gums. Maintaining a good hygiene and health level within your mouth, as well as keeping up with dental appointments, can allow any health concerns such as oral cancer or cavities to be screened and caught early. Issues that you can be born with, for instance birth defects which include conditions such as a cleft lip and palate, can be monitored to ensure you keep your mouth at its best.

How to maintain good oral health

Oral health in Hammersmith can be attained and maintained by ensuring that you brush  your teeth and gums regularly. It is crucial to be stringent about your dental routine, to ensure that you do not develop any of the diseases and issues that have been previously mentioned in this article. You should also consider using mouthwash and floss between your teeth at least once a day. Paying attention to your diet and not consuming too much food which could cause issues with plaque and cavities, (this includes food that is high in sugar), is also imperative. Keeping up with dental appointments here at Kings Dental Clinic can allow you to maintain a mouth that is at its most healthy. Following the advice of your dentist can empower you, and help you make decisions from day to day that work towards greatly strengthened dental health. Your dentist might prescribe specific regimes, as well as treatments that could help you do this. You may also choose to opt for other treatments that could, in the long run, help the health of your mouth, as well as the appearance of your smile. This includes treatments such as orthodontics, where your teeth are moved into a straighter position. They then become easier to clean, which in turn allows you to improve the health and hygiene of your mouth.

Improving your oral health in Hammersmith

We welcome you to investigate further ways in which to improve your oral health in Hammersmith. By taking action, you can enjoy the benefits that a healthier and more beautiful smile can offer you. You may feel more confident in yourself, you may feel others respond to you more positively and you will certainly enjoy stronger teeth for longer in your life.


There are many things we can help with as dentists when it comes to your oral health in Hammersmith. We work within three general realms of dentistry to offer you a complete all-round care. These realms are preventive, restorative and cosmetic. By taking advantage of our skills in all three, you can achieve that smile that you have always wanted to have and you can enjoy it for life.

Let’s talk about preventive care

This is perhaps the most important field of dentistry, as without preventive care, we are fighting a losing battle. We arm you with knowledge and tools that you can use to support your teeth every day.

Oral health in Hammersmith happens between visits, not only when you come into the dental practice for a scale and polish. So by ensuring that you are brushing and flossing your teeth daily, avoiding sugary foods as best you can and making sure you wash out your mouth after eating food or drinking beverages that may stain your teeth, you are protecting and caring for your teeth as they wage war against plaque, bacteria and cavities.

Each tooth needs the support of all the others. When one tooth is compromised and either needs to be removed or restored, then it is likely that the surrounding teeth are going to be negatively affected.

By listening to a dentist about any particular issues that you may be more susceptible to because of genetics, lifestyle choices or diet, you may be able to take proactive steps in maintaining the health of your mouth.

What happens if I have let it get too far?

This does happen and we want you to know that our non-judgemental dentists are here to help. We avoid causing feelings of guilt and look forward to the future, rather than speaking about things in the past.

By offering you a range of different solutions if there are choices available, you are able to make an informed decision about what is best for your health of your smile, as well as your overall well-being.

It is important for you to make decisions quickly, so that infection or decay doesn’t become something more sinister than it already is. Until you repair the situation, you will find that the pain you experience, or the issue itself will not go away.

By coming in to see us every six months, we can catch early signs of disease or decay so that we can tackle the issue before it becomes too problematic. As with most things, preventive care is more effective than finding a solution to an issue once you present with symptoms.

Resculpt your inner beauty through cosmetic orthodontics in Hammersmith

Take control of your smile


Here at Kings Dental, the primary goal of our dental practice is to help our patients to take control over the way they look, and to understand the power of their smiles. Our smile, we feel, is one of our most valued social assets and something which dictates how we are perceived by others and plays a vital role in our daily lives. There are still far too many of our patients who are unaware of exactly the extent that seeking cosmetic orthodontics in Hammersmith has the potential to positively change their daily lives, and just how much benefit they could get from seeking treatment.

What is cosmetic orthodontics?

Many people still view orthodontics within the traditional parameters. The vast majority of us, when thinking about orthodontics as a whole, envision traditional metal braces. The cosmetic orthodontics in Hammersmith that we provide to our patients here at Kings Dental however, is in fact a world away from traditional braces. Cosmetic orthodontics is defined by being a dental procedure designed to correct misaligned or crooked teeth, for cosmetic reasons. Treatment typically involves the patient wearing a brace of some description, although they are all generally far less detectable and more discreet than wearing conventional, fused braces.

What are my cosmetic orthodontic options?

Many adults often refrain from seeking out orthodontic help that is greatly required, due to misconceptions about the options there are available to them. Cosmetic orthodontics in Hammersmith that we provide to our patients at Kings Dental gives them access to an entire range of discrete, cosmetic alignment options – each being designed to meet the parameters of our individual patients.

One such option which we offer to our patients is the Six Month Smiles method of orthodontic alignment. This is a procedure which aims to align a patient’s teeth in as short a timeframe as six months. The procedure works in a similar method to conventional braces – it involves the use of brackets which are fixed to the front of a patient’s teeth and connected via wires. The fundamental difference however, which is what separates this method of alignment as a ‘cosmetic’ procedure, is that both the wires and the brackets are made using a transparent and tooth-colored material. As such, they are far less visible when they are attached to the patient’s teeth.

Invisible braces

Another method of cosmetic orthodontics which we offer here at Kings Dental is invisible braces. These are a relatively new form of treatment which does not involve the use of traditional practices and methodologies such as fused brackets or wires. This type of treatment instead only uses a transparent plastic retainer. This retainer is formed prior to treatment from a mould of each patient’s tooth shape. As a result, when it is worn over their teeth, it fits so perfectly that it becomes almost invisible. The process works through the use of deliberately placed pressure points that are built within the interior of the retainer, which – over the duration of the treatment – move the patient’s teeth to their desired alignment. Another massive attraction to this method of treatment is that the retainer can be removed throughout treatment, such as when eating or posing for a photograph.

What is a full mouth rehabilitation in Hammersmith?

Full mouth rehabilitation is a type of dentistry that is considered very advanced at our dental clinic in Hammersmith. A ‘full mouth rehabilitation’ is also commonly referred to as prosthodontics and refers to a full transformation of the mouth. This area of specialism is not only concerned with the design, and fitting of replacement teeth, but also dentures and dental bridges. Our clinic uses a combination of dental treatments to ensure a natural dental appearance is achieved.


The causes of missing teeth

Patients may lose their teeth for several reasons, one of which may be due to health concerns such as oral diseases and infections. Aside from gum disease, patients may fall or get involved in a car or bike accident, which can lead to a chipping or knocking out of the teeth. The reasons may vary, but the result is the same, missing teeth can not only cause a loss in self-confidence, but can also cause discomfort and even speech impairment.

Is your full mouth rehabilitation in Hammersmith suitable for denture replacement?

Yes! Many of our patients may not be aware that our prosthodontics are also suitable for patients who are missing all of their teeth. Our ‘flexi dentures’ offer our patients a modern alternative to traditional dentures, and are custom made for each patient.

Are flexi dentures right for me?

If you are looking for a more comfortable and natural looking alternative to traditional dentures, then flexi dentures may be right for you.

Patients who may be eligible for a full mouth rehabilitation in Hammersmith

Patients who are suffering from decayed, fragmented or generally damaged teeth may be eligible for a dental restoration.

Aside from damaged teeth, patients who are suffering from missing teeth within the mouth may also be eligible.

In addition to replacing teeth, a dental rehabilitation may also involve inlays and onlays, white fillings, as well as root planing and bone grafts. Our dental clinic in Hammersmith consists of polyclinic specialists, meaning all of our dental reconstructions are completed under one roof, ensuring ultimate convenience for our new, and pre-registered patients. 

How much does a full mouth rehabilitation in Hammersmith cost?

At our dental clinic in Hammersmith we aim to promote financial honesty, meaning our patients are always aware of the full cost breakdown of their chosen dental treatment, before it starts. If you are considering receiving a full mouth rehabilitation in Hammersmith you may be worried about the financial aspect of our private dental care. Our dental clinic understands that our patients may be unable to pay for their treatment in total at the beginning, which is why we promote monthly finance plans.

What is 0% finance?

Our finance plans ensure our patients can pay for their chosen dental treatment over the course of a twelve month period, this allows all of our patients to achieve their restored smile, whatever their financial position.

Why choose our dental clinic?

Our dental finance plans are unique in the way that they offer 0% finance, meaning our patients are only paying for their dental treatment. Our clinic embraces patients of all financial positions, and believe it is unfair to charge extra for monthly instalments. 

Crafting smiles with prosthodontics in Hammersmith

Sculpting your smile


Prosthodontics is one of the thirteen recognised disciplines of dentistry, and is one which focuses primarily on restoring natural teeth or replacing them with prosthetic life-like alternatives. It is a specialist form of restorative dentistry which is one of the most complex and uniquely patient-tailored services we provide here at Kings Dental. Those who seek out prosthodontics in Hammersmith often do so as they lack any natural teeth and require full mouth rehabilitation. This is one of the most technically challenging procedures we provide, but also one of the most rewarding, as we restore the power to chew, speak and smile to those who have sometimes gone without these functions naturally for some time – which is a truly rewarding experience.

Moulded to your needs

As you can imagine, given the nature of the discipline, those who seek out prosthodontics in Hammersmith often receive an entirely unique and tailored service. Those seeking out a full mouth rehabilitation may require all number of treatments such as crowns, bridges, dental implants or dentures. Each restoration is entirely unique and specific to the needs of the individual patient, as no two sets of teeth are the same, no two sets of prosthodontics in Hammersmith are identical. As we are a polyclinic here at Kings Dental, it is possible for our patients to be treated by a number of different experts across all fields of dentistry, without having to move outside the one practice.

Building your dreams

A full mouth rehabilitation to replace missing teeth and restore natural ones may include treatments such as veneers, inlays, white (composite) fillings, dental implants, onlays and bridges. It may also involve treatments around the shape of a patient’s gums, such as gum contouring or soft-tissue or bone grafting. As you may imagine, full mouth rehabilitation treatments are never a swift process and can often take months, if not years, for every procedure to be completed. However, the effects of a full mouth rehabilitation are often massively positive in restoring both a patient’s ability to speak and chew normally, as well as their self-esteem and confidence.

Filling in the gaps

Dental implants are generally a procedure which is opted for in cases of full mouth rehabilitation. These are a permanent solution to missing teeth which replaces them in a way which looks and feels similar to natural teeth. Implants are very sturdy as they are fused to the patient’s jawbone, whereas similar treatments such as crowns or bridges are not. The process of receiving dental implants from us would initially consist of a hole being made within your jaw in the space where the missing tooth ought to be. Then a titanium-alloy socket would be inserted and given time to heal. Titanium-alloy is used for its unique ability to fuse itself within bone tissue, which is precisely what happens over the brief healing period that follows. Once the socket has become firmly embedded within the patient’s jawbone, a replica tooth is then fixed into the socket and the gap is bridged. Implants generally give patients a longer-lasting and more natural feeling smile which will endure for years.

Worried about an upcoming root canal? Facts and myths about endodontics at Kings Dental Clinic

When you are told by your dentist that you require endodontics, it can bring to mind various unsettling thoughts.


Usually performed after there has been an infection in the pulp of the tooth, endodontics involves cleaning the inside of the tooth and removing any infected tissue, to ensure that all evidence of the infection is gone and the tooth is clean and healthy.

Understandably, many patients shudder when this is suggested by their dentist, worried that it will add to their discomfort or make their teeth more sensitive.

At Kings Dental Clinic, all of our general dentists are able to perform first-class endodontics or root canals in Hammersmith, leaving our patients with a restored and functional tooth that is free from infection. Our emergency dental team are also able to perform this tooth-preserving procedure, to ensure that regardless of the severity of your infection, you will leave our surgery with your full set of teeth.

But what are the real-life facts about root canals in Hammersmith and which are myths? Read on to discover the real benefits to patients of endodontic therapies.

Endodontic therapy is painful


When you visit our dentists for root canals in Hammersmith, chances are you are already experiencing some level of discomfort due to the infection in your tooth pulp.

Before we proceed with any treatment to resolve the issue, our dentists will make sure the area is numbed and that you are comfortable for the therapy to proceed. During endodontic treatment, you will not feel any discomfort and once the numbing agents have worn off, you may experience a bruised sensation, but in comparison to the discomfort you felt previously, we promise it will be minimal!

Extractions are better for your long term health


There is no evidence to suggest that extracting an infected tooth has a better long term outcome than endodontic therapy.

As endodontics involve cleaning the root of the tooth to remove any signs of infection, having an extraction may actually be less beneficial for the surrounding teeth, as the infection may still be able to spread. Also, if your infected tooth is located at the front of your mouth, having an extraction is going to lead to more pricey cosmetic procedures, like dental implants or a fitted bridge.

Endodontics kill your teeth


While in years gone by endodontic therapies ran the risk of killing your teeth, thanks to modern dental techniques, the nerve of the tooth and the surrounding blood vessels will remain intact.

This will allow you to have the use of your once infected tooth back, without causing deterioration or breakages.

Endodontic therapy takes a long time to heal


While you are likely to experience a feeling akin to bruising in your tooth and jaw post-treatment, your once infected tooth should be fully recovered in about a week. The benefits of keeping your natural teeth are obvious with this procedure. If after 7 days you are worried about experiencing an extended healing time, unusual swelling or discomfort, please call our dental team for an emergency follow-up appointment.