How to overcome dental phobia

One of the most pressing concerns with fear of the dental chair is that it prevents the patient from seeking the dental care they need. They may endure the pain or discomfort of a dental issue rather than visiting a dental clinic, until the condition worsens and they cannot ignore the pain anymore. Often, this means that the poor oral health condition has now progressed to advanced stages, necessitating more invasive and complex treatment plans.


At Kings Dental Clinic we well understand that not all patients feel comfortable seeking dental care which is why we incorporate techniques that address dental phobia Hammersmith into the dental care we provide.

The dental phobia Hammersmith experienced by patients usually is a result of a prior bad experience at the dentist in adulthood (but this fear can even be carried over from childhood). In addition to pain from prior treatments, patients who were made to feel ashamed or embarrassed about their poor oral issue or have feelings of being ‘trapped’ or lack of control whilst in the dental chair or they dread the intrusiveness of dental care are usually terrified of going to the dentist.

Patients who experience the above issues will be happy to note that dental practitioners are quite aware of this plaguing issue and that there are ways we can help patients avoid dental phobia Hammersmith.

Tips to help with dental fear

  • Understand the root cause of the fear

It is important that a patient reflect on the reason for their phobia as this may help in finding the right technique to employ to overcome it. For example, if the root cause is a prior painful experience, then a sedative dentistry technique may be best. Or, if anxiety of the dental setting is a cause, then techniques such as meditation or playing soothing music to calm the nerves may help. It is critically important that a patient understands that there are effective techniques that help, one only needs to acknowledge the problem and then address it with the dental practitioner.

  • Choose the right dentist

This cannot be stressed enough that the key to a good dental experience lies with the chosen dental practitioner. When choosing a dental clinic, make sure that dental phobia is a core part of what they do. Also investigate the types of sedation dentistry techniques available and choose the one that feels right for you.

  • Implement relaxation techniques

There is a wide variety of relaxation techniques recommended for patients who experience dental anxiety. These include: controlled deep breathing exercises, use of distractions (reading, listening to music, watching a favourite series) and taking a friend along.

Other handy tips include seeking help from a therapist, treating yourself to a reward (doing something fun). Speaking to the dentist beforehand about your fears or anxieties will help the dental practitioner help you better.

Remember the downside of dental anxiety is an unhappy smile, tooth loss, gum disease and bad breath. Don’t let dental phobia keep you away from optimal dental health, speak to us at Kings Dental Clinic about what techniques we offer that help overcome dental fear.

Oral health Hammersmith and why teamwork is essential

What is meant by oral health Hammersmith?


When our patients visit the dental practice to see the dentist, it is a common thought that the only thing being checked is the condition of their teeth. Whilst their teeth are of course being checked over and assessed these are not the only parts that are being checked, as your oral health Hammersmith also means your gums and general condition of your mouth need to be monitored. Having an excellent oral hygiene process is essential.

The daily oral hygiene process at home

Whilst we would all like to believe that a quick brush twice a day is sufficient enough to keep our oral health in the best condition, our busy daily lives often mean that the efficient oral hygiene process disappears. WIth advances in dental technology items such as electric or sonic toothbrushes have become regularly used by patients and whilst they are an excellent piece of equipment some patients believe that a quick 2 minute, half-hearted, brush will be sufficient enough. This is most certainly not the case and it is important to understand this to be able to accomplish a much more effective oral hygiene process.

How we can improve your oral health Hammersmith as a team

All dental work, whether a basic clean or a more in depth treatment plan, requires a high level of teamwork from both you the patient and us the dental team. Whilst it would be fantastic to just know the best hygiene routines and be able to effectively carry them out on a daily basis, this is not something that is common, which is why working with your dental team is of great importance. Your dental team are here to not only provide a regular deeper clean where in some cases a hygienist may be required, but to impart their wisdom to each individual, to ensure that the at-home oral hygiene process continues to improve and be as effective as possible.

Receiving targeted advice that is relevant to your own dental situation is of utmost importance, as whilst every patient needs to brush their teeth, floss and in some cases use interdental brushes, the way in which we need to carry out these tasks may vary. The first important thing which everyone needs to do is to put aside enough time to carry out a thorough clean at least once a day ourselves. With our daily lives being very busy each day we need to ensure that the quick brush and go method does not begin to become our daily process.

Having regular hygienist appointments alongside your normal check-ups will ensure that a thorough, deep clean is carried out by a professional once or twice a year and advice regarding any tweaks that may be needed to your own oral hygiene process can be given and checked in follow up appointments.

The availability of new methods, treatments and tools to maintain oral health make it easier for our patients to avoid more complex procedures that may be needed, when dental conditions develop that threaten the health of their teeth, gums and mouth in general. We advise you to take advantage of what we can offer in order for you to enjoy good dental health for years to come.

Cosmetic Orthodontics to help improve your smile

There are many different aesthetic issues that can affect the look of your smile and the way you feel about your smile. With advances in technology, there are now many different dental procedures available for the treatment of a variety of aesthetic issues of the mouth. Orthodontics is concerned with different treatment options which help improve the aesthetics of your smile, straighten your teeth and correct bite disorders. If your teeth are clean and healthy but you are unhappy about the way they look then speak to us at Kings Dental Clinic and find out about cosmetic Orthodontics in Hammersmith today.


Braces in cosmetic orthodontics

Braces are the most common form of cosmetic orthodontics in Hammersmith and used to improve the appearance and alignment of crooked teeth, protruding teeth, overcrowded teeth, and bite disorders such as overbite, underbite, crossbite. These issues of the teeth do not only affect the aesthetics of your smile but can also cause other problems such as reducing the effectiveness of home brushing and flossing techniques where you might not be able to clean those hard-to-reach areas making it more difficult to keep your teeth and gums clean and increasing the chances of bacterial infections and damage to your teeth.

Cosmetic Orthodontics as an alternative to conventional braces

Cosmetic orthodontics in Hammersmith have developed over the years to meet modern requirements and this means that there are now many types of braces available to help improve your teeth. Conventional metal braces are the most widespread and effective type of orthodontics which is commonly used in children and teenagers. However, they are very noticeable and the treatment duration is long and can sometimes stretch over many years which is why there is a reluctance amongst adults in seeking conventional orthodontic treatment. This has resulted in much research and design to be carried out in cosmetic orthodontics in Hammersmith. Many options are now available as an attractive alternative to conventional braces. Cosmetic orthodontics helps improve the aesthetics of your mouth and straighten your misaligned teeth, wonky teeth, crooked or protruding teeth, without any visible metal wires or brackets, ensuring a discrete, comfortable and convenient treatment option for you.

Six month smiles

Six Month Smiles are a popular choice of cosmetic Orthodontics and includes two treatment methods consisting of clear braces and invisible aligners. The braces involved in six month smile treatments are discrete and almost invisible as even though they consist of wires and brackets, these are matched in colour to your natural teeth. This makes them an appealing and attractive alternative to conventional metal braces. Six month smiles are used in the treatment of bite disorders, the straightening of misaligned teeth and overcrowding of the teeth, fixing issues with gaps in your teeth, and aligning crooked or protruding teeth. A significant advantage of Six Month Smiles in comparison to conventional braces is that as the name suggests, the treatment aims to reach your desired effect in the space of 6 months.

Speak to us at Kings Dental Clinic to find out what different cosmetic orthodontic treatments are available for you, and how we can help improve the way you feel about your smile today.

What is full mouth rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation, which is also known as prosthodontics, is a customised system of multiple dental treatment procedures which result in the complete reconstruction of your mouth. As medicine and technology have evolved and advanced, full mouth rehabilitation has now become a common practice in modern dentistry. Each treatment plan is individually tailored, designed to meet your unique needs, improving the health, function and appearance of your teeth and mouth overall. We are a polyclinic providing full mouth rehabilitation Hammersmith, with dentists specailaised in many different disciplines of dentistry. Therefore you can rest assured that each procedure of your treatment will be selected after carefully assessing its contribution to the final result, with your comfort and approval in mind at all times.


Who needs full mouth rehabilitation?

Throughout the course of life, damage to your teeth may occur as a result of many issues such as gum disease, cavities, accidents, injury, trauma or naturally with old age. These issues can result in tooth decay, cracked or chipped teeth, badly worn teeth, tooth loss and other issues which can result in pain, discomfort, loss of confidence, difficulty with eating and even difficulty with speech. Often the teeth can be in varying degrees of degeneration. Full mouth rehabilitation Hammersmith will be able to provide a tailored treatment plan, which means the course is suitable for anyone with such issues.

Procedures included in full mouth rehabilitation

Upon thorough examination of your mouth and any further diagnostic tests which may be required, full mouth rehabilitation Hammersmith includes a detailed treatment plan composed of different procedures, as some of the teeth may be at varying stages of damage. These different procedures include crowns and veneers, which are used to improve the look and function of the teeth. Veneers are used to cover the front of the teeth whilst crowns are used to cover the entire tooth. Procedures also include fillings, inlays and onlays which are used to repair cavities in the teeth. Dental bridging and dental implants can be carried out to replace missing teeth. The treatment plan may also include procedures such as soft tissue grafting and bone grafting to ensure there is sufficient gum and bone for the treatments to be carried out successfully.

Why have full mouth rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation is the ideal treatment plan available for you if your teeth are in varying stages of decay or damage. The aim of full mouth rehabilitation is to improve oral hygiene, increase the longevity of functioning natural dentition and ultimately the restoration of a healthy mouth, whilst providing optimal aesthetics of your mouth at the same time. The procedures are carried out to remove any pathologic or unfavourable forces which may be acting in the mouth, increasing the strength and tolerance of the surrounding gum and bone, providing a healthy environment for the teeth to allow all this to happen.

The overall process requires multiple visits to our dentist and we will provide you with a kind, caring and relaxing environment, ensuring your comfort and ease at all times under one roof by our professional, dedicated team.

Prosthodontics in Hammersmith as a solution to get your teeth back in shape

Everyone goes through difficult times. Different health issues that arise on a constant or daily basis can cause immense discomfort and disorientation in terms of wellness and wellbeing. Bad habits that become unbreakable and cause discomfort, pain and distress can lead to long time problems.This can seriously affect an individual’s lifestyle. Oral hygiene plays a key role in ensuring the overall well being of a person. It is an important aspect that is worth looking into if you wish to remain a healthy individual in the long run. Aches and pains have a negative impact on how someone goes about their everyday life. It can be crippling to have to deal with traumatic pain, as it makes one feel less capable than one actually is. Toothache can turn into a serious issue when it becomes difficult to bear. The constant discomfort that arises due to toothache will undoubtedly make a person less productive than they actually are. Prosthodontics in Hammersmith can help you acquire better dental health and a comfortable and healthy life..


What are some incidents that can cause chronic toothache?

There are many reasons that can result in chronic and prolonged toothache. These might arise due to jaw injuries, old age, and the failure to maintain proper oral hygiene in the long run. These can lead to broken teeth, bleeding gums, toothache, cavities and severe dental problems. Accidents that occur that are unforeseen can break or damage teeth. Then there is old age, when people who’ve been ignoring their oral hygiene for a while begin to lose their teeth due the failure to take care of their oral hygiene throughout a prolonged period of time.

What are some dental procedures that will help with tooth damage and toothache?

In extreme cases, a tooth or set of teeth might need to be restored or replaced. As your smile is a part of your identity, the loss of a tooth,holes in your teeth, or the discoloration can not only cause physical pain but it can cause psychological trauma as well. This can be minimised or controlled through dental procedures. Prosthodontics in Hammersmith is where severely damaged teeth are restored and replaced. Prosthodontists have additional training and knowledge in dentistry that makes them capable of dealing with complicated issues related to oral hygiene.

How can this procedure help?

Prosthodontics in Hammersmith is a highly sophisticated and intricate procedure that will help minimise and alleviate physical pain and discomfort. This will make a patient feel at ease and restore their oral health to the best possible healthy state. The ease and relief someone feels in terms of dental discomfort will help them to proceed smoothly with their everyday life. The new look offered by this treatment is priceless as it helps put things back in proper shape and give the patient confidence and a sense of wellbeing in terms of dental health and appearance. Everyone deserves a chance to have good dental health. This treatment offers this chance to everyone who wishes to take it. It is a chance worth taking for anyone who is interested in acquiring better dental health and a better smile. Every little bit counts when it comes to investing towards better dental health and hygiene.

What to expect from your root canal?

Root Canal, that sounds scary right. Well there’s no need to be daunted. We strongly believe here at King’s Dental clinic that the more you know the more confident you can be about your treatment. Yes, some complex treatments will need to be referred to a specialist but for the more common treatment of root canals in Hammersmith let’s look at the normal steps and likely outcomes.


Most likely this will take place over two visits. Should an infection presently exist, then you will need to stop treatment for a while it is thoroughly treated with a course of antibiotics. This is necessary before normal dental work can resume.

Why would a root canal be needed?

Receiving a root canal in Hammersmith is a very common procedure performed by dentists, the treatment is also known as endodontics and it’s used to treat the infections that occur right at the centre of a tooth. This treatment isn’t generally painful and it can actually save the tooth that might otherwise have to be completely taken out. Why might it be needed? This infection can be caused by a number of things but most commonly results from bacteria residing in the mouth and basically taking over the tooth. Many things can lead to this including general tooth decay, poor or leaking fillings and maybe damage to the tooth as a result of a traumatic event such as a fall or facial injury.

What’s the structure of your teeth?

Firstly it’s important to know a little bit about teeth to understand this process of root canals in Hammersmith. The tooth is made of two specific parts, the root and the crown. The Crown is simply the top part of a tooth whereas the root is the part of the tooth that extends down under the gum and into the bone in your jaw. The aptly named root anchors your tooth into position. The root canal is the connection between one part and the other.

The Prep Work

Endodontics, root canals, by definition are under the teeth.  it’s necessary therefore for your dentist like the team at Kings Dental to begin treatment with an X-ray. This will give us the clearest picture of what is going on and the best chance of treating the cause effectively.

The process

While the rest of the process may seem daunting it should be noted that effective pain relief will be provided by your dentist and as a very common procedure much has been done to make it as comfortable as possible.

The tooth is exposed from the top to allow the pulp to be gently removed. This pulp is what carries the infection and must be removed. The canal itself is now exposed. This can is widened using files to allow it to be cleaned and filled. This is perhaps the longest part of the process but should not be rushed. Once completed the tooth is then refilled with the pulp and if necessary a crown may then be placed on top.

Though a reduced lifespan a tooth treated like this can last you many years. Speak to our team today for a more detailed view on what your personal treatment plan may be.

Could dental implants in Hammersmith put a permanent smile on your face?

A smile for life

With advancements in medicine coming on in leaps and bounds, the average life expectancy has risen steadily over the last few decades. As we all live longer, more and more people are looking for permanent solutions to lost teeth – rather than just aesthetic or temporary fixes.


Our mission is to put a beautiful, healthy-looking, and full smile on the face of every patient at Kings Dental Clinic. One of the most successful ways of achieving this that we have found is through dental implants Hammersmith.

Implants are, without a doubt, one of the most important and impressive developments in contemporary dentistry. Yet, many people are still unaware of how they could be benefiting from them – or that they are even an option.

Why seek out dental implants Hammersmith?

Having missing teeth presents a whole world of problems that people who have a full set of healthy teeth may never consider.

Besides the obvious cosmetic disadvantages, there are several adverse health impacts having an untreated space in your mouth can cause.

  • Gum disease – Because of the missing space in your mouth, the surrounding teeth often shift over time as they attempt to fill the space themselves. This can lead to an increased likelihood of developing gum disease as food and bacteria can form in the newly made spaces between teeth.
  • Difficulty eating – Many people feel that it is only challenging to eat tough or brittle foods if you have a missing tooth or teeth. In reality, even the softest foods can cause severe discomfort.
  • Loss of bone density – This is one of the most severe consequences of having an untreated space in your mouth. If it is left for a considerable amount of time, the unused and thus unstimulated bone tissue around the tooth is absorbed. This can result in a change to the entire facial structure of the patient.

Thankfully, by seeking out dental implants Hammersmith from us here at Kings Dental Clinic, it is possible to prevent any of the above symptoms and restore the aesthetics of the lost tooth and its functionality.

What are dental implants?

Rather than sitting on the patient’s gum line as many dentures or bridges do, the dental implants we offer at Kings Dental solve a lost tooth at a structural level.

This is done by surgically embedding a false tooth-root directly into the jawbone of the patient. Titanium-alloy metal is explicitly used in the dental implant procedure to bond itself with human bone tissue.

Once this titanium-alloy socket is surgically placed within the patient’s jawbone – to close the gap where their tooth would be – it is given a short time to heal.

During this healing period, the implant and bone tissue merge, which means that it can then be used as a permanently fixed point to attach a prosthetic.

Because the implant is fixed within the patient’s jaw like a natural tooth, implants are often considered the most comfortable way of replacing a tooth – and can be used with the same force and confidence as a natural tooth.

Do you require help with smoking cessation?

Within the field of preventive dental care at our modern, professional, and fully accommodating dental clinic situated in the heart of Hammersmith, we offer all of our patients a specialist treatment referred to as ‘smoking cessation’ Hammersmith. Despite the high number of patients receiving this particular treatment within the walls of our clinic, many patients may be unsure of the exact treatment process to expect from  smoking cessation Hammersmith.


What is smoking cessation?

Smoking cessation Hammersmith is the treatment of damaged gums and teeth that can occur from the consumption of cigarettes on a regular basis. Unfortunately for patients who do consume tobacco, yellowing and general wearing and decay of the teeth are a common consequence, in addition to the effect that tobacco can have on the gums too.

So how does the smoking of cigarettes affect gum tissue?

Many patients who smoke on a regular (or possibly very heavy) basis may be unsure of the true consequences the consumption of this tobacco substance is having on, not only the pigmentation of their teeth, but also their gum tissue too. At our clinic within Hammersmith we treat many patients who may be unaware of the effect their habit is having on their health, which is why our specialist and friendly team of dental healthcare professionals are here to help.

What can we do to help our patients?

Tobacco can not only cause yellowing of the surface of the teeth (which is commonly treated via the use of cosmetic dental procedures such as tooth whitening) gum tissue cells can also unfortunately be negatively affected, but what are the consequences of this for the patient? Damaged tissue cells within the gums can unfortunately encourage vulnerability to the development of oral diseases and infections (such as gum disease, to name just one common example) however, there are also alternative consequences to be aware of.

Did you know?

Many smokers may be aware of the effect that smoking cigarettes can have on the pigmentation of the teeth (such as extreme yellowing of the teeth which may not always be resolved), however there are unfortunately many other negative consequences that can occur.

What are the other negative effects of smoking cigarettes?

In addition to general yellowing of the surface of the teeth and an increased vulnerability regarding the development of oral diseases and infections, many smokers may also experience side effects such as bad breath, and an increased chance of developing oral cancer. In addition to these consequences, patients may experience unexpected effects such as jawbone loss, an affected sense of taste and smell, a distinct ‘hairy tongue’ in addition to a poor healing of unwanted oral sores.

So what’s the solution?

If you are a patient who is experiencing negative side effects to your smoking habit, you may be looking for a solution to your dental concerns. At our modern clinic within Hammersmith we offer our patients a huge amount of experience within the field of smoking cessation. Paying regular visits to our surgery can not only ensure you stay on top of your oral health, but we can also provide a wealth of advice for those struggling to manage the effects.

A fresh smile with cosmetic dentistry Hammersmith

We all deserve to have a smile that we are truly proud to share with others. It is a right that professionals are able to offer any individual who comes in for cosmetic dentistry Hammersmith.


We have a range of different treatments that are aimed at highlighting your unique beauty, remaining natural whilst perfecting, whitening, straightening and strengthening your teeth and gums. A lot of our treatments can be designed to work in a bespoke manner for your unique situation and we are able to combine many to create a plan that is tailor made just for you.

This means that the results expected can be uniquely perfect for both what you are looking for with your teeth and what you need in order to have a fully functional and beautiful smile.

What are some of the treatments that we have available?

Cosmetic dentistry Hammersmith is all about listening to your needs and that means working to a specific timeline that is important to you. We even offer wedding day smile packages, knowing that these events, or ones very similar to it, are momentous in our patients’ lives. Such aspects that complete a special day simply need to fall into place and you can be assured that we can provide this kind of service. If you’re looking for a picture-perfect smile on your wedding day, then speak with us, knowing that we will work to this timeline and offer the right solutions to get that right result for you.

Depending on the time frame available, cosmetic dentistry Hammersmith has a number of different options on offer. Each situation is obviously different, however we can say that in general, anything between weeks and years we can work with.

For shorter time frames, veneers are a suitable choice for people with a range of different dental issues. This treatment consists of covering the outer surface of your tooth with a thin shell, creating a more desirable appearance.

We can do this with a single tooth that causes you discomfort, or multiple teeth, depending on your budget and your circumstances. If you have discoloured teeth that cannot be easily whitened because the staining is due to medication, ageing or past dental treatments, then veneers would be a favourable option for you.

You can also use this treatment for broken, chipped or cracked teeth as it also prevents further damage taking place whilst the veneer is in place. Slightly crooked or gapped teeth are also amended, meaning that you do not need to invest many months into correcting the appearance of your smile, which is especially important for wedding day treatments when the date is relatively close.

It only takes a couple of treatments to finalise veneers, an initial consultation and the preparing of the teeth for the placement and then the placement some weeks later. As your shells are bespokely, you do need to account for some time for these to be made, so that they suit your face and your original teeth perfectly, creating the most natural look possible.

Are you concerned about your oral health in Hammersmith?

Keeping your teeth happy


At Kings Dental Clinic we believe it is our job to keep our patients’ teeth as healthy and happy as they can possibly be. Given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we understand that for many people out there, visiting their local dental practice may not be their highest priority. However, that being said we do also wish to emphasise to our patients the importance of keeping up a good standard of oral health, as this has repercussions for their outward appearance and inner wellbeing. Anyone who feels that perhaps they have not been paying enough attention or scrutiny towards their dental routine recently and has concerns about their oral health in Hammersmith should contact our practice here at Kings Dental to make sure their teeth get the care and attention that they deserve.

What can Kings Dental Clinic do for me?

For those who are worried or concerned about their oral health in Hammersmith, the best solution would be to contact us here at Kings Dental Clinic and arrange to see our dental hygienist. It is the role of our hygienist to make sure that the teeth of each of our patients are as healthy as can be, and that there are no signs of any gum problems – such as periodontal disease – in development. Our dental hygienist can also carry out a professional cleaning service, during which specialised equipment is used to remove any excess plaque and tartar build-ups from the harder to reach areas around a patient’s mouth. Anyone who is worried about their oral health in Hammersmith should speak to our hygienist and arrange an appointment at their next convenient opportunity. This is a way of ensuring that their teeth are properly assessed and that any potentially damaging bacteria is removed before it can develop into a tooth or gum infection such as gingivitis. Another one of the benefits of visiting our hygienist here at Kings Dental is that they can provide advice and helpful tips to patients with regard to how best to maintain their oral health, which can have a massively positive overall effect on their teeth in the long term.

Invisible orthodontics

One concern which patients regularly voice to our dental practitioners here at Kings Dental Clinic is having teeth which are visibly crooked, overlapping or misaligned. This can make eating tough foods and pronouncing words and phrases difficult, as well as have a damaging impact on a patient’s social life or self-confidence. When people consider orthodontics, they are often limited in their thinking to traditional metallic braces. Braces of this nature – often referred to as ‘train tracks’ – are effective in their goal of realigning crooked teeth, but they do so in a way which often leaves a visible impact on how patients look. Nowadays however orthodontics has developed into a much wider range of treatment options, which include more discreet or ‘invisible’ options. These cosmetic alternatives are designed to leave little to no impact on how patients look from the outside and often do not need anything to be bonded to the patient’s teeth at all. Anyone who wishes to realign their teeth, but does not wish to affect how they look in the process, should contact our orthodontic experts at Kings Dental to arrange a consultation to find out more about cosmetic orthodontics.