What is cosmetic dentistry?

When we are thinking about routine and regular dental hygienist check ups or appointments with the dentist, the treatments which you would expect to have done don’t usually fall under the cosmetic dentistry Hammersmith umbrella. This is for very good reason in that the dental treatments which are most often needed, for example fillings, are rightly primarily intended for functional treatment. Sometimes, however, cosmetic dentistry Hammersmith treatments can overlap with these required functional treatments such as in the case of white fillings. This can lead to confusion around the language used.


Simply put, the term ‘cosmetic dentistry’ is often used to mean different things by different people, but it nearly always refers to treatments which are somewhat, if not completely, elective and for aesthetic purposes.

What treatments are on offer at King Dental Clinic?

Here at Kings Dental Clinic we are proud to have several cosmetic dentistry Hammersmith treatments available. You can find more information about each of these treatments by accessing our webpage, or by getting in contact with us by phone.

White fillings: These are very much what it says on the tin! Fillings which are white in colour (sometimes referred to as tooth coloured fillings). These are designed to be a less noticeable form of filling as the colour of the filling substance should blend with the colour of your teeth.

Teeth whitening: Whitening your teeth is a way to brighten your teeth quickly. The colour of your teeth can be lightened by several shades, brightening up your smile. Here at Kings Dental Clinic we offer both in practice (one appointment; results in approximately one hour) and at home teeth whitening options. For those with stained or discoloured teeth this is a popular cosmetic dentistry Hammersmith treatment.

Inlays & onlays: These are tooth coloured restorations which can be utilised when filling large areas of cavity. Inlays for the biting surface and onlays where more extensive repair is required.

Gummy smile: This type of treatment refers to your dentist exposing more of your tooth to reduce the ‘gummy’ appearance and give you a smile which appears more even and can therefore often be considered more aesthetically pleasing.

Porcelain veneers: Veneers can be used to cover chipped teeth; discoloured teeth (perhaps if teeth whitening has been exhausted); uneven teeth (where teeth are not uniform in shape and or size) and slightly crooked teeth. These shells require the removal of a thin layer of enamel to create room for them and offer a more even, aesthetic smile as a result.

Lumineers: Lumineers are a particular form of veneers which are very thin (about as thin as a contact lens) which are used to brighten the shade of your teeth in a way which appears natural to the onlooker. No drilling is required.

Wedding day smile packages: At Kings Dental Clinic we know how important it is to our patients to have a confident smile which they can look back on in the photos from their wedding day. We offer a few different packages for weddings including catering for the bride, groom and even others in the bridal party. This is one to plan in advance, so do give us a call if your nuptials are due to happen, and check out our website for more information about our different packages.

How to maintain your child oral health- top tips from our team

It is safe to say that if you have a child or children, you will likely have a daily issue when it comes to them brushing their teeth. Why? Because kids don’t see the importance of oral health. This means that it is your job, as their parent(s), to ensure that they have a good introduction to dental health.


Our team at Kings Dental is here to help. We know how to help them, and you look after their oral health Hammersmith, all the while making it fun, prompting more engagement from them.

So, what can you do to help your child with their dental hygiene? Here are some oral health Hammersmith tips from our team.

Establish a consistent oral hygiene routine

In order to help your child maintain their oral health Hammersmith you should encourage them to brush their teeth at least twice a day using fluoride toothpaste, which is recommended for their age. Try to show them the proper brushing techniques and supervise their brushing until they can do it effectively on their own. Incidentally, to do this, they need to brush the front and back of their teeth in circular motions, aiming the brush at an angle. If they have an electric toothbrush, this will be even better. Additionally, introduce flossing as soon as their teeth start touching each other; if this is a struggle, they can have a lot of fun with a water flosser, which is easier to use.

Promote a healthy diet

Encourage your child to consume a balanced diet every day. Limit their intake of sugary snacks, candies, and sodas, as these can contribute to tooth decay. Water should be the primary beverage choice, as it helps rinse away food particles and keeps them hydrated, as well as promoting saliva production. If they do drink fruit juice or sugary beverages, make sure they rinse their mouth out with water afterwards.

Schedule regular dental check-ups

Regular visits to see our dentist at Kings Dental are essential for monitoring your child’s oral health, detecting any potential issues early on, and receiving professional cleanings. We can also provide guidance on proper oral care techniques and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will also make it as fun as possible, so they will associate visits to us with being positive rather than heightening any underlying fears.

Limit pacifier use and thumb sucking

Prolonged pacifier use or thumb sucking can affect the alignment of teeth and the development of the jaw. Indeed, it is the primary cause of overbites, as well as open bites. So, encourage your child to discontinue these habits as they get older, typically by age 3. If you’re having difficulty, consult with our paediatric dentist for guidance and support as, long term, it is likely to cause braces to be needed.

Be a positive role model

Children often learn by observing their parents’ behaviours. So, set a good example by practising good oral hygiene habits yourself. Brush and floss your teeth regularly, and emphasise the importance of maintaining a healthy smile. Making oral health a family affair can help children develop lifelong habits, and if you have multiple children, why not aim to make it fun? It works, honestly!

Who can give me advice about oral health?

Good oral hygiene is a key contributor to your overall health and well-being. It helps towards preventing the development of oral health problems like bad breath, cavities, gum disease, and other issues. Practising good dental hygiene can offer a wide range of advantages, including healthier teeth and gums, fresher breath, and it can reduce the need for restorative dental treatment such as crowns, bridges, fillings and implants.


In some cases it can be difficult to know how to put measures into place which promote good oral health Hammersmith routines. This may be due to a lack of education in how to correctly look after your mouth and teeth, or perhaps more commonly an overwhelming amount of information which can therefore make it difficult to know which voice to listen to. Here at Kings Dental Clinic we would always say that advice from your dental practitioner is good advice to follow!

What measures can be put into place at home?

Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth regularly (at least twice per day) with a toothpaste containing fluoride is a good practice to implement. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to help minimise damage to the teeth and brush for at least two minutes each time. Make sure that you remember to brush the surfaces of all your teeth, including the chewing surfaces, backs, and fronts. Don’t forget to brush your tongue to help remove the bacteria found there.

Floss Daily

Flossing is an integral part of good oral health Hammersmith. It helps to remove those particles of food and plaque from in between your teeth, where your toothbrush can’t reach. We would encourage you to use floss at least once each day, gently moving back and forth between the teeth.

Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash can help kill the types of bacteria which cause bad breath and gum disease. Using an antiseptic mouthwash after brushing and flossing can help to kill germs and freshen your breath.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet is also important for establishing and maintaining a good standard of oral health Hammersmith. You can do this by reducing intake of acidic and sugary foods and drinks, which can erode your tooth enamel and cause cavities and increasing your consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.

Why are regular appointments with the dentist important?

Regular visits to both the dental hygienist and your dentist are an essential part of good oral health Hammersmith. Your dentist here at Kings Dental Clinic can then detect and treat any emerging problems quickly, before they worsen, when given regular opportunities to examine your mouth and teeth. Your dental hygienist is an oral health practitioner whose role it is to help prevent and treat oral health problems. The dental hygienist will often perform a deep clean of your teeth (known as scaling and polishing) and can provide you with specific advice for your personal needs when it comes to oral hygiene. For example, they may recommend the use of particular tools for cleaning around braces.

In addition to this, if at a routine hygienist appointment your dental hygienist notices a problem for example a cavity that needs filling, they can advise you about any further appointments which you may need to organise in order to receive the correct level of treatment for the problem.

To book an appointment or ask for more information about oral health and how we can support you in maintaining good hygiene routines, please get in touch.

Achieving peak oral health: maximise your dental fitness with us

Today, we’re diving into a topic at the core of our practice and philosophy: maximising your dental fitness. As your trusted dental care providers, we’re invested in helping you achieve the best oral health Hammersmith possible. Let’s explore some effective strategies and practices that can help you achieve the pinnacle of dental fitness.


Understanding dental fitness: more than just a clean smile

What do we mean by ‘dental fitness’? It’s more than just having clean teeth. Dental fitness encompasses the overall health of your mouth, including your gums, tongue, and even your jawbone. It means having a healthy, functional set of teeth that contribute positively to your overall well-being and quality of life.

Building your dental fitness: the core elements

Maintaining your dental fitness involves a combination of good daily habits, regular dental check-ups, and a proactive approach towards potential dental issues. Let’s delve into the core elements of dental fitness and how you can incorporate them into your routine.

Oral hygiene practices: Brushing twice daily and flossing daily are the foundation of dental fitness. Using fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush can help remove plaque, prevent cavities, and keep your gums healthy.

Balanced diet: What you eat plays a crucial role in your dental health. Consuming a balanced diet with a variety of vitamins and minerals while limiting sugary and acidic foods can help you strengthen your teeth and gums.

Regular dental check-ups: Regular visits to our clinic will allow us to monitor your dental health and catch any potential issues early.

Advanced dental fitness: beyond the basics

For those looking to take their dental fitness to the next level, we offer advanced services and treatments designed to enhance oral health.

Orthodontic Treatments: Misaligned teeth or a bad bite can lead to problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and even jaw pain. Our orthodontic treatments, including braces and aligners, can help correct these issues and improve your dental fitness.

Preventive Treatments: We offer a range of preventive treatments like dental sealants and fluoride applications that can help protect your teeth from decay and maintain your dental fitness.

Your partner in dental fitness

At Kings Dental Clinic, we believe in a partnership approach. We work alongside you to create a customised dental fitness plan that suits your lifestyle and addresses your individual oral health Hammersmith needs. We’re here to provide expert guidance, answer any questions, and offer support every step of the way.

Commitment to dental innovation

As part of our commitment to your dental fitness, we continually stay updated with the latest advancements in dentistry; this allows us to offer you the most effective treatments and technologies for maintaining and improving your oral health.

Embrace your dental fitness journey with us

Maintaining dental fitness is a lifelong journey. So, whether you’re just starting your dental fitness journey or looking to maximise your oral health, we’re ready to help you achieve your goals.

Your oral health Hammersmith fitness journey starts with a single step. Let’s take that step together towards a future of vibrant smiles and excellent oral health. After all, your dental fitness is our mission!

Want straight teeth? Get cosmetic orthodontics Hammersmith treatment!

For many years it was believed that if you hadn’t had your misaligned teeth corrected by the time you reached adulthood, the opportunity had passed – unless you were prepared to wear a cumbersome and uncomfortable metal brace. For many adults, having to wear one of those  metal braces was not an option, so many decided to live with their condition. At Kings Dental Clinic we have been using the latest cosmetic orthodontics Hammersmith treatments for many years helping patients of all ages.

Skills enhanced by technology

To correct dental misalignment conditions requires the use of a dental appliance such as a brace or an aligner. Adult patients are more inclined to want an appliance that is as discreet as possible. Technology has helped enhance cosmetic orthodontics Hammersmith making the treatments more patient focused. Our skills and training as orthodontists allows us to assess your condition and offer treatment options designed to correct your particular condition. In some cases, your condition may require the use of two different types of appliance to achieve the desired results. You, as a patient, are our primary consideration and fulfilling your expectations is our number one priority.

A valuable gift!

If you are a parent, you will want your children to grow up with teeth that they can be proud of and that are healthy. Misaligned teeth can be caused by genetics which means that if you have a dental misalignment condition your children could inherit that condition from you. When you have an appointment, bring your children in with you and introduce them to our warm, friendly staff. The more often that they come into our dental surgery the more familiar they will become with the surroundings and the chances are you will have prevented them from developing dental anxiety. In addition, when we believe that they are ready, we will examine their mouth and identify if there are any possible malocclusions that may develop later. By doing this you are giving them a valuable gift that could save them many dental visits in the future. We will also help them to understand the importance of an oral hygiene regime to retain their teeth for their lifetime.

Comfortable and effective

At Kings Dental Clinic, we offer our patients a variety of discreet treatment options. One of the cosmetic orthodontics Hammersmith discreet treatments that we offer works by fitting a clear thermoplastic gumshield like appliance over your teeth. This appliance can be removed for eating and brushing your teeth. Another concentrates on your front teeth and the average length of the treatment is six months. This uses blocks and wires but the wires are tooth coloured and the blocks are clear so they are virtually invisible.

An examination can change your life

Patients of today have come to realise just how important their teeth are to their overall health. You should be able to switch on a broad confident smile like anybody else. If you suffer from a malocclusion condition then you don’t have to suffer any more, our experienced orthodontists can help you to enjoy a set of teeth that perform and look as good as they should.

Extensive dental restorations and full mouth rehabilitation

Welcome to Kings Dental Clinic, where we specialise in providing full mouth rehabilitation Hammersmith to patients with extensive dental restoration needs. If you have ever experienced issues such as missing teeth, broken or worn-down teeth, or severe tooth decay, you may benefit from dental rehabilitation.

Have you been struggling with dental issues that have negatively impacted your quality of life? Do you find yourself avoiding certain foods or social situations because of your teeth? If so, you are not alone. Many people experience dental problems at some point in their lives, and it can be frustrating and even debilitating. However, there is hope. Oral rehabilitation is a comprehensive approach to dental care that can address multiple issues at once, restoring both the function and aesthetics of your smile.

We understand that every patient’s needs are unique, which is why we take a personalised approach to full mouth rehabilitation Hammersmith. We use state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques to ensure that your treatment is efficient, effective, and comfortable.

Here are some of the key steps of our approach to full-mouth rehabilitation.


Before we begin any treatment, we will perform a thorough evaluation of your oral health. This may include X-rays, photographs, and other diagnostic tests to help us identify any underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Treatment planning

Based on the results of your evaluation, we will develop a customised treatment plan that outlines the steps we will take to restore your smile. This may include a combination of treatments such as dental implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers.


We believe that clear communication is essential to the success of your treatment. We will take the time to explain each step of the process and answer any questions you may have. We want you to feel comfortable and informed throughout your treatment.


Once your treatment plan has been developed, we will begin the process of restoring your smile. Depending on the specific treatments involved, this may take several appointments over a period of weeks or months.

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process and that your treatment progresses smoothly.

Some of the treatments that may be involved in dental rehabilitation include the following items.

Dental implants

With one or more missing teeth, dental implants could be an excellent option for replacing them. Implants are surgically placed into your jawbone to serve as a foundation for a crown or bridge.

Crowns and bridges

A crown is a cap that encapsulates a damaged tooth to strengthen and protect it. A bridge is a series of connected crowns that can be used to replace one or more missing teeth.


Veneers are thin wafers that are placed over the front surface of your teeth to improve their appearance. They can be used to obscure stains, chips, or gaps in your teeth.

Full mouth rehabilitation Hammersmith is a comprehensive approach to dental care that can address multiple issues at once, restoring both the function and aesthetics of your smile.

To learn more about dental rehabilitation or any of our other services, please contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve the healthy, confident smile you deserve.

Dentists for root canals near me

Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure that is performed to save a damaged or infected tooth. The treatment involves removing the affected tissue, known as the “pulp,” from the inside of the tooth and then cleaning and sealing the root canal. If you are local, you may be looking for a dentist which offers root canals Hammersmith. Of course, it is important to consult with a qualified dental professional about what kind of treatment might be most appropriate for your personal needs. If you would like to book an appointment to discuss this with one of our dentists at Kings Dental Clinic, please do get in touch.

What might cause the need for a root canal?

There are several reasons why you may require root canal treatment. These include: decay or cavities; deep fillings; injury to the tooth and abscesses. Decay which reaches the pulp of your tooth can cause an infection that requires root canal treatment. If you have multiple teeth with decay such as this, you may require several root canals Hammersmith. If left untreated then infection can spread, which can cause pain and damage to the surrounding area and potentially even lead to tooth loss.

A deep filling that reaches the pulp of the tooth can cause damage and inflammation, leading to the need for root canal treatment. If you have sustained an injury, such as from a fall or sports collision, it is possible that you may have taken a knock to the tooth. This can cause damage to the pulp, requiring root canal treatment to remedy it.

Abscesses, which are pockets of pus caused by a bacterial infection, can develop at the end of the tooth’s root. These can be painful, and we find that they are a common cause for our patients requiring an emergency dental appointment. Root canal treatment can help to prevent tooth loss caused by abscesses.

What does root canal treatment look like?

Root canals Hammersmith are often relatively straightforward procedures that can save a damaged or infected tooth and prevent the need for extraction. The procedure involves removing the damaged or infected tissue, cleaning and sealing the root canal, and (generally) restoring the tooth with a crown or other prosthetic.

Often, root canal treatment can be expected to take a couple of appointments, though this may vary depending on the patient. Your dentist will be able to provide you with advice as to how to care for your tooth at home after you have undergone root canal treatment. It may be that they advise you to avoid certain types of food or drink, or to implement a particular cleaning routine for a period of time post treatment.

What should I do next?

If you are wondering whether you require root canal treatment, or whether this may help to save one (or several) of your teeth, then we would recommend booking a consultation with your dentist here at Kings Dental Clinic. They will be able to assess the current health of your teeth and advise you as to what the most suitable option is for you and your individual dental needs. Here, at Kings Dental Clinic, we would be thrilled to meet you and to find out how we can partner with you on your journey to a healthier smile.

Root Canals: How Dental Abscesses Are Diagnosed and Treated

At Kings Dental Clinic, we take diagnosing and treating dental abscesses with root canals Hammersmith very seriously and understand the discomfort that comes with this condition.

When a patient comes to us with a suspected dental abscess, the first step is to assess the area; this involves a physical examination and a review of the patient’s medical history. We may also take x-rays to get a better look at the area and determine the extent of the infection.

In some cases, a sample of the pus from the abscess may be taken and sent to a laboratory for further testing, allowing us to identify the type of bacteria causing the infection and determine the best treatment plan.

Treating Dental Abscesses

Once the diagnosis has been made, we can begin treatment. Depending on the severity of the infection, this may involve antibiotics to help clear up the infection or a root canal to remove the infected tissue.

In some cases, a dental extraction may be necessary if the infection is too severe; this is often the last resort, as it can result in permanent tooth loss and may require further treatment to replace the missing tooth.

If the infection is not too severe, we may be able to treat it with a simple course of antibiotics; this can reduce the swelling and pain associated with the infection and prevent it from spreading.

In some cases, we may also recommend a dental filling or crown to protect the tooth from further damage; this can prevent the infection from returning and can restore the appearance of the tooth.

Our clinic also recognises the importance of follow-up care after root canals Hammersmith. We schedule regular appointments to check on the progress of our patients and make sure that the infection has been fully cleared. We also provide our patients with aftercare instructions to ensure that they can properly care for their teeth and gums at home to prevent the infection from recurring.

Preventive care

In addition to the treatments mentioned above, we at Kings Dental Clinic also place a strong emphasis on preventive care. We recommend regular dental checkups and cleanings to prevent the development of dental abscesses. We also educate our patients on proper oral hygiene practices, such as the correct brushing and flossing techniques, to help keep their mouths healthy and free from infection.


Discomfort management is also an important aspect of treating dental abscesses. We understand that the pain associated with this condition can be severe, so we make sure to provide our patients with the appropriate pain relief medication to help them manage their symptoms while they undergo their root canals Hammersmith.

Here at Kings Dental Clinic, our team takes dental abscesses very seriously and strives to provide the best possible care for our patients. If you are experiencing any signs of a dental abscess, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you get the treatment you need to get back to feeling your best.

Dental implants at Kings Dental Clinic

Over the years, we have assembled an experienced dental team that is able to provide you with a comprehensive range of treatments, all in one place. Dentistry requires getting very close to our patients; therefore, it is vitally important that we develop frank and honest relationships with them all.

At Kings Dental Clinic, we take the time to get to know you and understand what exactly you expect from us. For us to recommend any treatment for you, we need to get to know you, and this is why we strive to foster a good relationship with you. Before we proceed with any treatment, we will conduct a thorough examination of your oral cavity. We will then assess our findings and discuss what we have identified. Based on our findings, we will provide you with all the options that are available to you. At this stage, we encourage you to ask all the questions you deem necessary, and in some cases, we will request one of our colleagues to offer their opinion. We want you to have all the information you need because, ultimately, it will be you who decides whether to proceed and which treatment to pursue. The fact that we are able to provide such a wide range of treatments at our surgery means that you will be treated by someone you already know in our dental surgery.

Tooth loss

Preventing tooth loss is not always possible, especially if you have been involved in an accident. In addition, we live for longer, so wear and tear may result in teeth being lost. Bridges and dentures have been stalwarts for decades, but they do not prevent the jawbone beneath the location of the lost tooth from deteriorating. This deterioration can cause your face to become sunken and produce an aged appearance to your face. Dental science and technology have taken a concept first introduced in the 1950s and evolved the procedure. Dental implants Hammersmith has allowed us to bring permanent relief to those who have lost teeth. Since 2003, we have conducted thousands of implantation procedures, bringing both practical and cosmetic relief.

Jawbone density

For many years, the density of a patient’s jawbone posed some difficulties to dental implants Hammersmith being a suitable option. Bone augmentation has evolved so much that even if previously refused a dental implant, it may now be a possible solution to a lost tooth. Our dedicated team can perform bone augmentation as well as sinus lifts, which will allow for treatment with dental implants Hammersmith.

Different implant options

By utilising different implant systems and techniques, we can replace up to four teeth in a row. We can also replace a full mouth of teeth using just four dental implants. In some cases, a suitable patient may even be able to have new teeth on the same day as the implantation procedure.

Caring for your dental implants

Once your jawbone and gums have healed, brushing and flossing normally are sufficient to care for your existing teeth and new dental implant.

Why dentists encourage smoking cessation

At Kings Dental Clinic, we are committed to the highest standards in dental care, which is why we pay great attention to patient education. The habit of smoking generally gets a bad rap for its negative effects on physical health, but these dangers extend to include the oral cavity and dental health. But despite these warnings, smoking is still enjoyed by many in the UK. According to the public health charity, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), there are approximately 6.9 million adults in the UK who smoke cigarettes.


As part of our commitment to excellent quality care and in the interests of the dental health of our patients who are smokers, we include counselling patients on the benefits of smoking cessation Hammersmith as part of their dental rehabilitation treatment plan. As dentists, we are best placed to recognise and diagnose troubling symptoms in the mouth impacted by smoking and advise patients about suitable treatments to treat these issues.

Patients must be open and honest with us about their smoking habits. We urge smokers to talk to us about their complete history of tobacco use, including how often they smoke and how many cigarettes they smoke in a day; this information will help us map out the most suitable treatment plan for their needs. We can also help guide you in finding services geared to helping you quit your smoking habit.

Why should smoking cessation Hammersmith be the focus of all dental professionals?

Why smoking is bad for your oral health

There are well-documented links between tobacco use and the increased risk of a large number of dental health problems. Dental conditions resulting from smoking include:

  • Stained teeth
  • Hardened dental plaque
  • Bad breath
  • Dry mouth
  • Periodontal diseases
  • Shrinking gums
  • Slow wound recovery
  • Oral cancers
  • Impaired sense of hearing and taste

The worry for patients who have progressed to advanced stages of gum disease is that this disease heightens the risk of life-reducing medical conditions such as heart and lung disease.

The good news for patients who are smokers is that the undesirable effects of smoking tobacco products can be reversed once they have begun their smoking cessation Hammersmith programme.

Quitting smoking will help improve overall dental health as well as your heart and lung health.

Smokers who have indulged in the habit for a long time may feel quite anxious about giving it up. Smoking is also a notoriously tough habit to quit, but quitting smoking is worth the effort for the positive impact it will have on overall health and well-being.

Tips on how to quit smoking

Consulting with a trusted dentist on the best way forward is a good idea. As dental practitioners, we are aware of the best services offering smoking cessation help and guidance.

Stay focused and committed to your smoking cessation plan. Look at your list of reasons to remind yourself of the dangers of smoking for your health.

Be aware of environmental triggers that make you want to smoke. Have a plan in place to help you hold off against these influences.

If you are concerned about the effects of smoking on your teeth and gums, please schedule a consultation with our experienced dentist at Kings Dental Clinic.