Improve your facial aesthetics without surgery

As people get older they often find themselves losing confidence when it comes to their appearance. There are so many different areas of the face that can appear less youthful over time, and whilst many people turn to surgery to have these aging signs reversed quite a lot of people are wary about undergoing such procedures. Here at Kings Dental Clinic we have several different non-invasive, non-surgical treatments available that will leave you looking and feeling much more youthful.

Facial Aesthetics in HammersmithIf you have been feeling insecure about your appearance, then booking a consultation appointment with one of our professionals will enable you to discuss facial aesthetics in Hammersmith. Your practitioner will be able to recommend treatments that will help your situation and create a personalised treatment plan for you. It is easy to book a consultation appointment at our practice online and via telephone, as well as within our practice itself.

What can we help you with?

Several different areas of the face change as you age and as your skin loses its natural elasticity it is likely to become wrinkled, loose and even saggy in some places. This can leave people feeling much older than they are and damage their self-esteem in the long run. Sometimes people feel isolated from others in their friendship group when they feel unable to join in with certain activities such as group photos because they feel insecure about their face’s appearance.

Facial aesthetics in Hammersmith can help with all of these issues, as well as things such as having smoking lines and dull looking skin. Having treatments will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated, and in some cases you will be able to see visible results from the moment your treatment has been completed. No treatment is permanent, so your professional will advise you of how often you will need to receive treatment if you wish to maintain your new look when you attend an appointment.

What types of non-surgical treatments are available?

Facial aesthetics in Hammersmith is made up of several different types of treatments that are capable of targeting different areas of your face. You may require Mesotherapy, dermal fillers, a thread lift or even Botulinum Toxin, and there are more treatments available at our practice too. The only way to tell which treatment you will require is by having one of our professionals assess the condition of your facial skin.

Sometimes people will require Mesotherapy, which is where you will have a series of injections that will provide your body with an additional supply of vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid and other acids that can help to encourage cell growth. Your body’s supply of hyaluronic acid depletes over time, which is one thing that gives your skin an aged appearance.

Dermal fillers work by replacing the body’s supply of hyaluronic acid, as this diminishes as you get older. Fillers can make the appearance of your skin seem more youthful as it plumpens it, giving your skin a tighter, less wrinkled appearance. Once you have had this treatment it is capable of lasting for anything between six and twelve months, but if you with to maintain your youthful appearance it is easy to book an appointment to have your filler topped up.

If you want any more information on the treatments that we have to offer then our team will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have and can explain how each treatment works and how it could benefit your individual situation.