Do you require help with smoking cessation?

Within the field of preventive dental care at our modern, professional, and fully accommodating dental clinic situated in the heart of Hammersmith, we offer all of our patients a specialist treatment referred to as ‘smoking cessation’ Hammersmith. Despite the high number of patients receiving this particular treatment within the walls of our clinic, many patients may be unsure of the exact treatment process to expect from  smoking cessation Hammersmith.


What is smoking cessation?

Smoking cessation Hammersmith is the treatment of damaged gums and teeth that can occur from the consumption of cigarettes on a regular basis. Unfortunately for patients who do consume tobacco, yellowing and general wearing and decay of the teeth are a common consequence, in addition to the effect that tobacco can have on the gums too.

So how does the smoking of cigarettes affect gum tissue?

Many patients who smoke on a regular (or possibly very heavy) basis may be unsure of the true consequences the consumption of this tobacco substance is having on, not only the pigmentation of their teeth, but also their gum tissue too. At our clinic within Hammersmith we treat many patients who may be unaware of the effect their habit is having on their health, which is why our specialist and friendly team of dental healthcare professionals are here to help.

What can we do to help our patients?

Tobacco can not only cause yellowing of the surface of the teeth (which is commonly treated via the use of cosmetic dental procedures such as tooth whitening) gum tissue cells can also unfortunately be negatively affected, but what are the consequences of this for the patient? Damaged tissue cells within the gums can unfortunately encourage vulnerability to the development of oral diseases and infections (such as gum disease, to name just one common example) however, there are also alternative consequences to be aware of.

Did you know?

Many smokers may be aware of the effect that smoking cigarettes can have on the pigmentation of the teeth (such as extreme yellowing of the teeth which may not always be resolved), however there are unfortunately many other negative consequences that can occur.

What are the other negative effects of smoking cigarettes?

In addition to general yellowing of the surface of the teeth and an increased vulnerability regarding the development of oral diseases and infections, many smokers may also experience side effects such as bad breath, and an increased chance of developing oral cancer. In addition to these consequences, patients may experience unexpected effects such as jawbone loss, an affected sense of taste and smell, a distinct ‘hairy tongue’ in addition to a poor healing of unwanted oral sores.

So what’s the solution?

If you are a patient who is experiencing negative side effects to your smoking habit, you may be looking for a solution to your dental concerns. At our modern clinic within Hammersmith we offer our patients a huge amount of experience within the field of smoking cessation. Paying regular visits to our surgery can not only ensure you stay on top of your oral health, but we can also provide a wealth of advice for those struggling to manage the effects.