Do not hesitate when it comes to replacing teeth

Many people put off replacing their teeth, especially if it is just the one tooth that has been knocked out. They do not realise that leaving your mouth untreated and not having a replacement tooth fitted could cause additional dental problems in the future. At Kings Dental Clinic we have more than one treatment available that can restore your teeth and make you smile.


Having dental implants in Hammersmith can completely restore your smile regardless of how many teeth you need replacing, and your new artificial teeth will look and feel completely natural. Many people opt for this treatment option because of its permanent nature, as the tooth implants are fixed into your mouth and are unable to be removed or come loose. They are made up of tiny titanium screws that fit into your jawbone as the root of a tooth would do, and not only do they provide a post for your false teeth to attach to, but they stimulate your jawbone, helping to keep it healthy.

Give your mouth some tlc

If you are missing a tooth, or several teeth, then the first step in replacing them is to make an appointment with one of our practitioners to discuss getting dental implants in Hammersmith. They will be able to assess the condition of your mouth and create a personalised treatment plan for you. This will cover how many screws you will need to have inserted into your jawbone, as well as what type of appliance is going to be most suitable for your circumstances.

How many screws you need will depend on how many teeth you are replacing. One screw can be used to support more than one tooth. If you are having a whole mouthful of teeth replaced then you can expect to need between four and twelve screws in total, but this is something that your dental practitioner will discuss with you at your consultation.

Replacing one tooth is commonly done by attaching a crown to your tooth implants. If you are missing multiple teeth then you may require a partial denture or bridge, depending on what positions your missing teeth are in. A full denture is used to replace a whole set of teeth. All of these artificial appliances are designed to look and feel like your original teeth, so nobody will even be able to tell that they are not real. 

Are you looking for an alternative treatment?

If you do not like the idea of having dental implants in Hammersmith then we do have other alternative treatments available for you. Dentures are a popular treatment option when it comes to replacing a whole mouthful of teeth and unlike tooth implants they are completely removable. It is important that you clean your dentures by leaving them out overnight in a special solution, but this is something that your dental practitioner will ensure that you know how to do.

Dentures rest on the tops of your gums and give you back your ability to chew and smile. Having dentures can really boost your confidence, as many people feel like they are unable to replace their teeth because it is too expensive but this treatment is more than affordable and will sometimes even be covered by the NHS.