Could dental implants in Hammersmith put a permanent smile on your face?

A smile for life

With advancements in medicine coming on in leaps and bounds, the average life expectancy has risen steadily over the last few decades. As we all live longer, more and more people are looking for permanent solutions to lost teeth – rather than just aesthetic or temporary fixes.


Our mission is to put a beautiful, healthy-looking, and full smile on the face of every patient at Kings Dental Clinic. One of the most successful ways of achieving this that we have found is through dental implants Hammersmith.

Implants are, without a doubt, one of the most important and impressive developments in contemporary dentistry. Yet, many people are still unaware of how they could be benefiting from them – or that they are even an option.

Why seek out dental implants Hammersmith?

Having missing teeth presents a whole world of problems that people who have a full set of healthy teeth may never consider.

Besides the obvious cosmetic disadvantages, there are several adverse health impacts having an untreated space in your mouth can cause.

  • Gum disease – Because of the missing space in your mouth, the surrounding teeth often shift over time as they attempt to fill the space themselves. This can lead to an increased likelihood of developing gum disease as food and bacteria can form in the newly made spaces between teeth.
  • Difficulty eating – Many people feel that it is only challenging to eat tough or brittle foods if you have a missing tooth or teeth. In reality, even the softest foods can cause severe discomfort.
  • Loss of bone density – This is one of the most severe consequences of having an untreated space in your mouth. If it is left for a considerable amount of time, the unused and thus unstimulated bone tissue around the tooth is absorbed. This can result in a change to the entire facial structure of the patient.

Thankfully, by seeking out dental implants Hammersmith from us here at Kings Dental Clinic, it is possible to prevent any of the above symptoms and restore the aesthetics of the lost tooth and its functionality.

What are dental implants?

Rather than sitting on the patient’s gum line as many dentures or bridges do, the dental implants we offer at Kings Dental solve a lost tooth at a structural level.

This is done by surgically embedding a false tooth-root directly into the jawbone of the patient. Titanium-alloy metal is explicitly used in the dental implant procedure to bond itself with human bone tissue.

Once this titanium-alloy socket is surgically placed within the patient’s jawbone – to close the gap where their tooth would be – it is given a short time to heal.

During this healing period, the implant and bone tissue merge, which means that it can then be used as a permanently fixed point to attach a prosthetic.

Because the implant is fixed within the patient’s jaw like a natural tooth, implants are often considered the most comfortable way of replacing a tooth – and can be used with the same force and confidence as a natural tooth.