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Relaxation Sedation

This treatment is currently not available.

At Kings Dental Clinic, we understand that many patients are nervous about visiting the dentist. In the UK the main reason people cite for putting off seeking dental treatment is not lack of time or worry about cost, but fear.

There are many reasons for fear or phobia of visiting the dentist, and we treat all of our patients with empathy, care and respect. We also know that putting off dental treatment can lead to pain, complications and the need for more invasive treatment, which is why we recommend visiting the dentist on a regular basis. That’s why we offer treatment using relaxation (conscious) sedation for patients who are nervous or phobic.

Our principal dentist has more than 15 years of experience in treating patients using relaxation sedation, he has performed more than 6,000 relaxation sedation procedures and the practice is Dental Phobia certified. Relaxation sedation uses happy air and may not involve the use of needles, a leading cause of phobia.

With relaxation sedation, you will be conscious but unaware of treatment, so you can still follow the instructions your dentist gives you. It is also known as inhalation sedation.

You will be given happy air, a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, to breathe through a small mask over your nose. You will quickly start to feel very relaxed and any nerves will subside. The result is a comfortable experience and the ability to have any necessary dental treatment without anxiety.

Relaxation sedation is entirely safe but should only be performed by a qualified practitioner. Our principal dentist has successfully treated thousands of patients using this method of sedation and over 15 years has performed more than 6,000 relaxation sedation procedures. You are also welcome to bring a friend or family member with you to sit in on your treatment if this will help to put you at ease. However, unlike with intravenous sedation, this method has no after-effects so you will be able to drive yourself home after treatment.

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