Cosmetic dentistry is for everyone

If you watch a lot of reality shows on TV, you could be forgiven for thinking that cosmetic dentistry is only for young people with buff bodies and a few wonky teeth. No, not at all. Cosmetic dentistry is the saviour of people who have lost teeth, or whose teeth have been reduced to ugly little stumps in their mouths, through decay, gum disease, and sheer old age. Everybody should be able to enjoy a lovely smile, not just the young and beautiful.

At Kings Dental Clinic in Hammersmith, cosmetic dentistry is giving people their dignity and self-respect back. If you take a look at our before and after pictures, you will see what we are talking about.

Cosmetic Dentistry in HammersmithNot just aesthetics

You don’t need to wait until your teeth are truly worse for wear before getting them fixed. If you need to justify it to yourself, you will be pleased to know that, in general, cosmetic dentistry gives you better oral health. If you get your teeth straightened with what are considered to be cosmetic braces (or aligners), your teeth will have fewer nooks and crannies in which plaque can hide and turn into tartar, leading to tooth decay and gum disease.

Having teeth that you can chew properly on means that you can eat really good nutritious food, like fruit and raw vegetables. When you don’t have this capability, you can end up on a soft food diet, and this can lead to malnutrition.

Dental implants seem to fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry, but they are the only tooth restoration method that gives artificial teeth a solid anchor, which you can chew on.

Of course, there are some cosmetic dentistry treatments that are purely cosmetic, like teeth whitening. This does nothing for your ability to chew, or to keep your mouth healthy, but it can do a lot for your state of mind. If we can’t smile, we can’t release the natural chemicals that make us feel happy, and we can’t connect with other people. So, as you can see, cosmetic dentistry is about so much more than how you look.

Brighten your teeth with teeth whitening in Hammersmith

Do you have yellow and stained teeth that make you feel uncomfortable about smiling? Though not as serious as other dental conditions, yellow and discoloured teeth can cost you your confidence and self-esteem. Luckily, improving the colour of your teeth can be achieved with professional teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening in Hammersmith is a quick and effective cosmetic treatment. At Kings Dental Clinic, we are passionate about making sure our patients have smiles they feel proud of. We deliver two types of teeth whitening – power whitening and home whitening. Both treatments are safe and can whiten your teeth by several shades.

Teeth Whitening in HammersmithCommon causes of yellow and discoloured teeth

Generally, yellow teeth do not signify a serious health condition. Most people see their teeth darken as their age, while poor oral hygiene is a common cause of discoloured teeth. Smoking is also responsible for staining the teeth as well as common foods and drinks including coffee, tea and dark-coloured berries. Last but not least, yellow teeth are sometimes related to certain medications, while some people may simply have them due to genetic reasons.

While there are a wealth of different factors that can influence the aesthetic appearance of your teeth, it’s important to remember that you can always speak to your dentist about different ways to protect them.

Teeth whitening in Hammersmith

Power whitening is a very simple and effective procedure for those who wish to whiten their teeth quickly in preparation for a special occasion. This type of whitening can last an hour or so and can be completed at the dental practice in one visit. Your dentist will protect your gums with a special protector and then apply concentrated whitening gel on your teeth. They will then position a special light against your teeth. This light will activate the procedure, removing stains and discolouration from your teeth.

Home whitening, on the other hand, involves a custom-made, lightweight plastic mouth tray that fits comfortably over your teeth. Your dentist will provide you with a whitening gel to use along with the tray while at home for a few hours every day (or at night). Your teeth will appear whiter and brighter almost two weeks after the beginning of the treatment.

Overcome your dental phobia in Hammersmith

If you are afraid of the dentist, you are not alone. Studies have shown that about 1 in 4 people dread visiting the dentist and some of them keep postponing their visit until it is too late. Dental phobia doesn’t have a single cause. It might be a fear of pain during treatment, or perhaps the sounds and smells which might bring back memories of a bad dental experience, usually during a patient’s childhood.

At Kings Dental Clinic in Hammersmith, we understand that everyone’s fears are different and we will help you overcome them. Our lead dentist has more than 15 years of experience in treating nervous patients and we offer various sedation options. Our relaxation sedation uses happy air, a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, to breathe through a small mask over your nose and not needles – a leading cause of dental phobia.

Dental Phobia in HammersmithIf you have to visit the dentist but suffer from dental phobia, our caring and understanding team will guide you through every step of the treatment. We are here to help you and not judge you.

Common causes of dental phobia

There are many reasons why people are afraid of the dentist, some of which are unique for each individual. Generally, fear of pain is a very common reason to avoid visiting the dentist – that is until the pain becomes an issue. This fear, which is often logical given that some dental treatments used to be painful, usually comes from childhood experiences. However, thanks to recent advances in dentistry, modern treatments are almost pain-free. Some patients, on the other hand, avoid visiting the dentist because they feel helpless and out of control. Finally, quite a few people feel embarrassed about the state of their teeth and, in their minds, that’s a valid reason not to visit the dentist.

Talking to your dentist about your phobias is the first step towards overcoming them. Once they know what your fears are, they will be able to determine the best ways to make you feel less anxious and more comfortable.

If lack of control is one of your main concerns, actively discussing with your dentist about your own treatment can help you overcome the tension.

Preventive dentistry and oral health in Hammersmith

Preventive dentistry is the branch of dentistry that helps you keep healthy teeth and gums. Even if you brush and floss your teeth daily, you still have to visit the dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings to ensure that you are not suffering from gum disease or tooth decay – the two most common causes of tooth loss. Working together with your dentist will help prevent the need for complex and expensive treatment.

Oral Health in HammersmithAt Kings Dental Clinic in Hammersmith, we strive to keep your teeth and gums healthy. The biggest part of achieving and preserving a healthy smile involves a commitment to healthy practices and proper oral hygiene. Our experienced dental hygienists will educate you on the basic tools and techniques required for maintaining your teeth and gums. Your home efforts coupled with our efforts at our practice, will help you avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear and other common dental conditions associated with poor oral health and negligence.

Preventive care strategies for optimal oral health

Basic preventive oral care strategies are easy to follow by both children and adults and will help you maintain your smile healthy and plaque-free between visits to your dentist. When it comes to personal oral care, the most important prevention technique is brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day to remove food debris and dental plaque from your teeth and gums. When you brush your teeth, ensure that you gently place the toothbrush below your gum line to remove as much plaque as possible.

If not removed, plaque can harden into tartar, a sticky substance full of bacteria than can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Your dentist can remove plaque and tartar during your regular cleaning, yet it is really important to remove as much as possible from your teeth after each meal.

In some cases, your dentist may recommend fluoride treatment after a cleaning, to strengthen your teeth and prevent tooth decay. A balanced diet, on the other hand, is also important in your fight against gum disease and tooth decay.

Ultimately, taking good care of your teeth and visiting the dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings is the best strategy for keeping your teeth and gums healthy and plaque-free for a long time.

Discreet teeth straightening with cosmetic orthodontics in Hammersmith

Gone are those days when orthodontics where synonymous with unsightly metal brackets and wires. Cosmetic orthodontics is one of the fastest-growing areas of modern dentistry, since teeth straightening doesn’t always have to involve fixed braces at all.

At Kings Dental Clinic in Hammersmith, we believe that orthodontic treatment has to be compatible with your lifestyle. That’s why we offer innovative, discreet, invisible and short-term treatment options for patients who want to improve their smile with as little hassle as possible.

Cosmetic Orthodontics in HammersmithSix Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are discreet, cost-effective braces, which can be used to fix mild to moderate cosmetic orthodontic problems in as little as six months. This is because they do not alter your bite but concentrate on your front teeth.

Just like conventional braces, Six Month Smiles braces use wires and brackets to gradually move your teeth into their right position. However, brackets and wires are made of tooth-coloured materials, thus making them barely noticeable.

Our dentists are certified providers of Six Month Smiles braces in the UK and have successfully treated many patients for the past two years – almost since the treatment was introduced in the country.

Invisible braces

Invisible braces are virtually invisible and are ideal for adults who do not feel comfortable wearing metal braces. Invisible braces consist of a series of removable, custom-made aligners, which help move your teeth into their right position in less time than traditional orthodontics. Benefits of this type of treatment include shorter treatment time as well as straighter teeth and alignment of your upper and lower jaws. Because they are transparent, invisible braces make you less self-conscious when socialising or speaking in public. Not to mention that you can also take them out to eat or brush your teeth, so you do not have to compromise your lifestyle.

Inman aligner

The Inman Aligner is an innovative teeth straightening treatment, which produces incredible results in a short period of time. The Inman Aligner is very similar to a retainer, however, it consists of two titanium springs and opposing aligner bows, which gently move your teeth into position over a very short period of time. Each Inman Aligner is customised based on individual dental impressions. Once properly fitted, you will have to wear the aligners up to 20 hours per day for effective treatment.

Smile restorations with Kings Dental Clinic

At Kings Dental Clinic, we sometimes see teeth that have had a rough ride. This might be due to a health condition or patient lifestyle factors. It could also be a result of the natural process of aging.

Whatever the reason, we often recommend tackling everything in one treatment plan so that patients can benefit from a fully restored smile. This includes functionality as well as aesthetics.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in HammersmithWe offer full mouth rehabilitation to our patients. Below, you can find details about some of the steps involved in this process.


The first step is having a detailed consultation with a member of our team. They will record the conditions in your mouth in a number of ways. This might include scans or x-rays.

We consider each tooth individually to see what it needs for restoration. This could include fillings, crown or veneers. If, unfortunately, the tooth is too damaged or unhealthy to save, we will suggest extraction and replacement. We will also note any gaps and check the conditions to see what solution might be best to fill them.

Next, we take a view of your mouth as a whole so that we can combine treatments to the best effect. You want your smile to be bright, balanced and functional so that you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy set of teeth.


The planning phase is a combination of technical skill, co-ordination with our team and consultation with you. We want your treatment plan to be easy for you to follow so that it integrates well with your life. Invariably, for the process of full mouth rehabilitation in Hammersmith, a long-term plan will be involved. This might be a few weeks or it could be longer. Our aim is to give you as much detail about your required appointments before you begin so you can plan. This also means you have a full cost breakdown for budgeting.


We work as a team here at Kings Dental Clinic. When planning your treatment, we schedule appointments with the best person to do each individual piece of work. As we work closely together, you should experience a seamless co-ordination of treatments to give you effective results. We want your procedures to complement each other so that the final effect is stunning.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about prosthodontics but were afraid to ask

What is prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry that focusses on the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and maintenance of the mouth function. It is also used to improve the comfort, appearance, and health of patients with conditions associated with missing or failing teeth.

prosthodontics-in-hammersmithWhat is a prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a dentist who has completed dental school plus three additional years of advanced training. They specialise in treating and handling dental and facial problems that involve restoring missing tooth and jaw structures.

Prosthodontic treatments

Prosthodontic treatments are designed to create a balance between function, longevity and aesthetics. Prosthodontic treatments at Kings Dental Clinic include dental implants, dental veneers and other bonded restorations, dental crowns and dental bridges.

As well as these, prosthodontics treatments can also include removable complete dentures. Complete dentures help people who have lost all their teeth due to trauma or poor oral hygiene, giving them better chewing abilities in addition to a more appealing appearance.

In addition to these, the prosthodontist is also able to provide treatments for jaw problems, snoring disorders, sleep apnea problems and a degree of reconstruction surgery following treatments for oral cancer.

Full mouth rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation treatment improves the appearance of the teeth and has several less obvious benefits. Full mouth rehabilitation is one of the most comprehensive forms of dental treatment that is currently available.

The process combines all dental specialties to individually reconstruct all the damaged teeth in the mouth. This helps to correct a variety of complaints, such as improper bite position and chipped, worn down or broken teeth.

Full mouth rehabilitation is widely considered to be preferable to offering patients removable dental restorations such as dentures.

Anyone considering a full mouth rehabilitation should first consult with an experienced dentist, such as those at Kings Dental Clinic in Hammersmith, who will perform a comprehensive examination to see if the treatment is the best course of action.

The dentist will also consider aesthetics, including the colour, shape, size and proportion of the teeth and consider whether there is a stable bite when deciding if a patient is suitable for full mouth rehabilitation.

The decision on which procedures are required during each full mouth rehabilitation ultimately lies with the dentist and any specialists working with them on behalf of the patient.

Root canal therapy with a 95% success rate

Many people are more than a bit scared at the thought of root canal therapy. Maybe it’s because it is a treatment which is only required when you are already in pain from an infected or diseased tooth. Whether the infection came from decay or a trauma, it’s often very painful.

root-canal-therapy-in-HammersmithHere at Kings Dental Clinic in Hammersmith, root canal therapy is carried out using the latest techniques, equipment and materials.

We use a specialist endodontic microscope to diagnose the infection, and also to aid its treatment. Endodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with root canal therapy.

Treating the infection involves cleaning out the infected pulp from the roots of the tooth. We achieve success rates of higher than 95% for our root canal therapy.

The complexity of each case depends on which tooth is infected. Front teeth have only one root, whereas back teeth can have two or three, increasing the length of treatment and its complexity. This may mean that you will need more than one appointment to complete the treatment. If that is the case, you will be fitted with a temporary crown or filling to protect the tooth between appointments.

After the treatment is complete, we like to fit your tooth with a crown; this covers the work, protecting it, and it also strengthens the tooth.

All our root canal therapy work is carried out by one of our dentists who has a Masters degree in endodontics from a world leading dental hospital.

We carry out root canal therapy under local anaesthetic to reduce pain and discomfort to a minimum. However, we know that it is not uncommon for patients to be anxious about vising the dentist, and that is why our practice is dental phobia certified. Our principal dentist has been helping anxious patients by using relaxation sedation for more than 15 years. This uses a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, which we call happy air, to relax you to the point that you will still be conscious but unaware of the treatment. You will be comfortable throughout the treatment and still able to follow any instructions the dentist gives you.

Dental implants – an amazing solution

When you visit Kings Dental Clinic, Hammersmith, dental implants are one of the great solutions that we use to replace missing teeth. They are arguably the best solution out there and, in some ways, they can improve on natural teeth!

dental-implants-in-hammersmithHow do I get dental implants?

The full process of getting dental implants in Hammersmith is best explained by a member of our team. This is because there are several steps involved and the more detail you get about each part, the better prepared you will be. Also, we can gather information on your set of circumstances by conducting an examination of your mouth, possibly taking x-rays and taking a health history from you.

Essentially, dental implants are inserted into the jaw where your tooth root would have been. They are then integrated into the jaw by the action of the bone which grows up around the implant. This gives you back your natural bite capability. You can choose the foods you really want to eat again based on your preference rather than the abilities of your teeth or dental replacement.

Better than natural teeth

If you care for them properly, your dental implants will remain the same over time. They will not age or get cavities. This does not mean that you can be cavalier about your dental hygiene however, because you still need to think of your gums which can get inflamed or infected as usual. Also, at Kings Dental Clinic, Hammersmith, dental implants only replace teeth that you have lost. Your remaining teeth, if healthy, can be left in the mouth and they will still need taking care of just as thoroughly as before.

Unlike other dental solutions for missing teeth, dental implants will not lose any of their functionality over time. They will remain strong and useable for a lifetime if you look after them properly.

We look forward to taking this journey with you and supporting you every step of the way. From initial consultation, through treatment and healing and then onwards to our excellent aftercare service. Our experienced team can tailor a treatment package to meet your needs and help you integrate your procedure seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Smoking cessation in Hammersmith

There is no getting around it – smoking is bad for your teeth and it is bad for you. It is likely to give you bad breath and tooth discoloration and can cause various inflammations in the mouth. You are less likely to be a viable candidate for some highly restorative dental treatments like dental implants and the bone in your jaw is at more risk of deterioration. This means a decreased ability to support the teeth or implants. Smoking also contributes to the build-up of plaque and tartar on the teeth and increases your risk of developing gum disease, which puts you at risk of losing teeth. In the long run, it’s going to be easier all round if you can stop now.

smoking-cessation-in-hammersmithBe free of smoking and its effects

You can be free of smoking in quite a short space of time and there is so much help available for smoking cessation. In Hammersmith, at Kings Dental Clinic, we want to be able to start to help you repair and reverse the effects of smoking. Once you have quit, there are things we can do to give you a bright smile again including teeth whitening and a good clean to remove plaque and tartar. The body is pretty great and starts to heal itself from the effects of smoking straight away. Any healing that you need to do from dental treatment or any other health problem will then be faster and more effective.

Oral cancer screening

If you are a smoker or have been recently then you can be at higher risk of cancer. One of the services we offer is an oral cancer screening programme, during which we check your mouth for any unusual lumps and bumps and check out what those might be. It is important that if you have anything you are concerned about including; lesions, a feeling of something stuck in your throat, or persistent pain that you see your doctor or dentist straight away.

A great way to reduce your risk is smoking cessation. In Hammersmith, at Kings Dental Clinic, we always do what we can to encourage our patients to quit and think it is an amazing thing to choose to do for yourself and your health.